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People of CHF



Board of Directors
Irvin F. Diamond
Elizabeth Hulings
Mary B. Hulings (Emeritus)
Paula Mele

Donna Lee Nyzio
Steve Pruneau

Advisory Board
Thomas Bustamente
Mitchell Cohn
Laura Lee Everett

Val Francisco
Susan Goldstein
Rickie Leiter
Mary McBride
Carrie J. McIndoe
Dean L. Mitchell
Jack A. Morris
Tim Newton
Paula A. Oddone

Jennie Ottinger
Sofia Perez
Ellen Premack
Camilla Webster
Watie White
Stephen Zimmerman

CHF Team
Ella Adkins (Educational Concierge)

Rachan Chindarsi (Audiovisual Editor)

Shem Cohen (Community Development Director)
Daniel DiGriz (Education Director; Messaging Director; Podcast Host)
Lily Dulberg (Research Data Analyst)

Carolyn Edlund (Sales & Event Management Director)
Elaine Grogan Luttrull (Facilitator)
Elizabeth Hulings (Executive Director)
Shirley Lemmon (Finance & Administration Director)
Alex McAdams (Development Coordinator)

Sofia Perez (Editorial Director)
Michelle Ramsay (Programming Coordinator)
Penelope Thomas (Communications & Partnerships Director)

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