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NEW DATES Spring 2022 Join your Colleagues from Across the Creative Ecosystem
For a Season of Events & Programming

After careful consideration, we will be postponing The State of the Art Conference until 2022. These new dates will give us a greater opportunity to provide you with even more dynamic lectures and discussions from key stakeholders in Art+Tech. Registration is still open and the spring dates will be announced shortly!

Don't forget that our FREE monthly Thriving Tuesdays, & Brown Bag Lunches are great introductions to the topics being discussed, and art-business learning is at your fingertips 24/7 on the CHF Digital Campus.

Technology is transforming the world of art—creating new opportunities for creative professionals, collectors, and leaders in the creative economy to more effectively champion the transforming arts of the 21st century.

The Conference is a TEN WEEK initiative that includes a mix of live talks, recorded interviews, workshops and labs in order to foster growth, learning, and networking among professionals around art + tech.

> Weeks 1-3 have opt-in biweekly panels, discussions, and presentations that are live but available for viewing afterward. Registrants can expect to join us online 1-3 times a week.
> Weeks 4 & 5 are more intensive, and feature core art-business training targeted specifically to artists and open to all—there are events Mon-Fri daily from 11 AM Eastern through the afternoon. It finalizes with additional local special events in Santa Fe, NM with Dent the Future Oct 18-20th.
> Weeks 6-10 have opt-in biweekly panels, discussions, and presentations that are live but available for viewing afterward. Registrants can expect to join us online 1-3 times a week.

One pass does it all!

Sessions you won’t want to miss—either live streaming, or by watching the recording afterward:

  • Global Art Trends and Their Impact on the Industry—Live Discussion + Q&A
    ArtFundi Founder and CEO Tamzin Lovell-Miller speaks about how the latest technology follows major shifts and the future of the art market.


  • Data, Archives, and The Artist Legacy—Live Discussion + Q&A
    Carolyn Edlund speaks with Nicolai Bohn of Navigating Art about data preservation and it’s many practical business uses for artists. A must for artists creating legacy materials or any art industry professional concerned with publishing, cataloguing and historical records.


  • Blockchain and the Art Market—Live Discussion + Q&A
    Moderator Ana-Maria Touza Medina discusses blockchain technology, smart contracts, and the hot new market for NFT art with the Chief Technical Officer of Flamencos, an online digital art sales platform.


  • The Future of Sales and Exhibitions: 3D Virtual Galleries—Recorded interview & Demo
    Carolyn Edlund interviews Balazs Farago about new tech that takes virtual galleries to a higher level with multiple uses for artists, galleries, and museums.


  • The Future of Art Auctions—Live Discussion + Q&A
    Auction professional Lawrence Matthews looks at the huge growth taking place in online auctions, as well as an audience of new collectors, and what they want.


  • New Virtual Worlds—Live Discussion, Demo + Q&A
    CHF team Daniel DiGriz and Steve Pruneau explore virtual 3D worlds and discuss the implications for artists, exhibitions, and art lovers.


  • What to Know About Shipping Art—Live Discussion + Q&A
    Dale Kronkright, Head of Conservation at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, speaks about art shipping, from everyday concerns to high-tech solutions for priceless art.


  • Digital Twinning and Verification—Recorded interview and demo
    Carolyn Edlund and a team of tech experts take a deep dive into new digital tools that assure copyright protection, provenance, evaluation, and monetization of artworks using blockchain technology.

All of this is in addition to our renowned art-business training workshops, labs, and case studies taught by CHF Faculty (Weeks 4-5):

  • Marketing from Impact: Create Your Artist Brand Story
    Interactive session with Daniel DiGriz 90 min
    > Chat Lab - Brand Story Sandbox, 60 min


  • Communicate Impact: Make Your Brand Story Irresistible
    Interactive session with Daniel DiGriz, 90 min
    > Chat Lab - Brand Story Polisher, 60 min.
    > Brand Story Case Study Interview, 75 min.


  • Sales Channels and New Markets
    Interactive session with Carolyn Edlund, 90 min.
    > Chat Lab - Sales Channels, 60 min.


  • Leverage Your Business and Increase Sales
    Interactive session with Carolyn Edlund, 90 min.

    > Chat Lab - Leverage Your Business, 60 min.
    > Sales Strategies Case Study Interview - 75 min.

Anybody who’s everybody is attending. Collectors, curators and museum professionals, gallerists, fine artists at any career stage (from emerging to master), creative professionals, craft-based artists, photographers, graphic and production designers; and arts, municipal, and nonprofit leaders. Get the information you need to make effective decisions in the coming year. Get your season pass(es) now to lock in your seat at the table.

Also Available!

Special In-Person Events in Santa Fe, NM October 18-20

More to Announce Soon!


Expert Interviews

You won’t want to miss our leading experts in NFTs & crypto art, large format printing, digital art archives, virtual reality, automation, and beyond. Expand your art industry network, exchange expertise, demystify technology, learn how the creative sector is driving innovation, and decide how YOU want to plug in.

Concentrated Art-Business Training

daniel Digriz

New virtual workshops and labs lead by CHF faculty Daniel DiGriz & Carolyn Edlund deliver cutting-edge training to artists in your studio, home, or office. Level-up your Sales Strategy, develop your Brand Story & Marketing, and develop powerful Peer Networks. Invest in your thriving art business

Local Events

Sean Wells

Special events in Santa Fe, New Mexico include cross-industry dialogues, 3rd party presentations and demons, solution sessions to solve industry challenges, expert "hot seats" with Subject Matter Experts, keynotes, facilitated group activities—and luncheons, parties, fun, awards, and auction events.

CHF's Art-Business Conferences

CHF delivers mini-accelerators all over the country where artists receive intensive business training, develop professional networks and join with decision-makers, influencers, and funders—on an equal footing—to begin redefining their local arts ecosystem for mutual success.

If you’d like to have the next Art-Business Conference focused on your group, region or community, start talking to some stakeholders that can help put it together (funding and promotion) and let us know of your interest. We’re happy to help you make the case for tremendous impact.

Aerial view of crowd connected by lines

Virtualize Your Art Career ™ Conference

Quick to pivot during the pandemic, CHF beamed into artists’ homes and studios with an 11-session virtual interactive art-business learning accelerator. It was delivered through live streaming video and digital chat, led by seasoned business leaders, and included a day of interviews with industry experts about “the new normal.”

Cutting-Edge Entrepreneurial Training in Virginia for Pro Artists

Art-Business Conference – Virginia

Our three-day conference kicks off on Nov. 7th with a dialogue between artists and other industry stakeholders at the Belmont Estate. The next two days, at the University of Mary Washington’s Stafford Campus, will feature presentations and interactive sessions to support artists in becoming self-sustaining entrepreneurs. Register here!


Art-Business Conference – Santa Fe

This three-day event will feature high-level presentations and interactive sessions designed to educate and support artists in becoming self-sustaining entrepreneurs. Artists join other industry stakeholders for a full day of CHF’s Thriving Art Exchange, engaging in a spirited debate and developing strategies for achieving shared goals.

DC Workshop

Art-Business Conference – Washington DC

If you’re a visual artist in the mid-Atlantic US, drive your career forward at our metro DC Art-Business Conference. Connect with your peers as you learn how to build a business plan, price your work for profit, and develop a brand story. Art is a business, and artists should run it; CHF helps you do that.

Ft. Lauderdale trees

Art-Business Conference – Ft. Lauderdale

Attention, Florida-area artists: Get out of the studio, meet other working artists, and take your business to the next level at our upcoming Art-Business Conference in Fort Lauderdale. Develop tangible business goals, come up with a plan for achieving them, and start building a powerful professional network.

Art Business Summit - Dallas - Fort Worth

Art-Business Conference – Dallas

The marketplace is changing—not just technology, but HOW art is marketed, bought, and sold. You, the Artist, are at the center of this. Take charge of your career, mesmerize your audience, maximize your extraordinary professional advantages, and Sell-Sell-Sell. This is going to be an amazing event.

ArtExpo New York — Topics & Trends

ArtExpo New York — Topics & Trends

The panel, at 2:45pm, is entitled “Mightier Marketing for Visual Artists,” and will be given by Clark Hulings Fund Marketing and Education Director Daniel DiGriz. The talk will cover: understanding your audience to create messages that resonate; combining marketing channels to increase audience reach; turning an art practice into a compelling ongoing narrative and engaging social story; and collaborating with other artists to produce professional grade marketing events on a shoestring.

Santa Fe NM Art Event

Art-Business Conference – Santa Fe

Take an in-person deep dive into the business side of your practice as a visual artist. Build your power-collective of fellow artists and industry professionals, and create a truly effective action plan for your own business (to grow your career). Cultivate relationships with galleries. Leverage sales strategies for art (like wholesaling). Maximize digital sales of your work. Price your work for maximum revenue. Create sales and marketing messages that truly resonate with your audience.

Denver Event

Art-Business Conference – Denver

Concerned about your future as a professional artist? Overwhelmed by the fast-paced technological changes driving the global art market? Not sure how to use innovations like social media? Worried about finding collectors for your work, creating and controlling your market, and earning a living?

Santa Fe Conference

Art-Business Conference – Santa Fe

The Arts Business Institute and Bridges to Santa Fe present form & concept, a development event for professional artists. The event will take place April 1-2, 2017, and speakers will cover topics like how to price strategically, licensing your work, and much more. Elizabeth Hulings, the founder and director of The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists, is the keynote speaker at the event.


OUR MISSION: to help professional visual artists compete in an increasingly complex marketplace by providing them with strategic business support, training, and targeted financial assistance.

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