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Why Support the Mission of CHF

The Case for Giving

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CHF is the Linchpin

Artists, collectors, and industry professionals all have skin in this game. Each has different needs, but they overlap, and each group needs the others to succeed. Enter CHF.

Each groups needs the others to succeed.

CHF at Work


Group Interviews
Virtual & In-Person Events
Social Learning & Collaboration


Business Accelerator Grants
No Fiscal Sponsorship Requirement
$10K Awarded Each Year

OUR MISSION: Equip professional visual artists to compete in an increasingly complex marketplace by delivering business education and entrepreneurial learning through a rigorous Art-Business Accelerator, our Digital Learning Portal, in-person educational events in local communities, and artist-led networks of opportunity.

Creating a Level Playing Field

It's About Business

Other organizations support artistic development. CHF focuses on business development—because technique alone won't yield career longevity.

Patronage, no Parentage

CHF empowers professional artists to stand on their own and compete independently in the open market.

Free Market Supply & Demand

By removing unnecessary barriers to trade, CHF frees artists to create what they must, and collectors to acquire what suits them.

Make a strategic investment in the business of art.

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