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Jan 21st, 2pm EST.

ARTIST DOT COM (Your Domain Name Matters More Than You Think) with Ray King & Daniel DiGriz Feb 1st, 2pm EST 

Your gift supports the legacy of Clark Hulings, and provides working artists with the tools to succeed as he did.

Journey through the brushstrokes and around the world in the short video Clark Hulings—Working Artist.

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The Clark Hulings Fund
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Santa Fe, NM 87501

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clark hulings illustration

1 thought on “Contact”

  1. Hello my name is Richard Talent Scout for Platinum Tattoos and Piercings in San Antonio, Tx. We are working with artist from all over the globe but particularly artist from Chile. We are looking for a educational platform that are artist can do workshops to showcase their art, this is one of the requirements that is required to obtain a O1B Visa. I noticed that you do several workshops and podcast and were wondering if we can host a workshop on your platform, it doesn’t have to be tattooing the artist are very versatile. I can send you there profiles. They all have a great following on social media along with the support of our platform we can bring your platform a new audience and contributors to your foundation. one of the artist is writing a book and is learning english so he can pursue his dream doing workshops all over the US. If this is something that you are interested in please contact me.

    Richard Espinoza
    Platinum Tattoos & Piercings

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