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Sell To The Trade

May 4th, 2021
Thriving TuesdaysTM Selling to the Trade: Work with Designers, Stagers and Commercial Customers


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What should artists know about working with trade industry professionals? How is art procured for corporate spaces, and high-end homes? Carolyn Edlund speaks with expert Joyce Creiger about art in commercial environments, and how to work with interior designers, stagers and others in the industry.


Search Optimization for Drag-and-Drop Artist Sites with Daniel DiGriz

April 6th, 2021
Thriving TuesdaysTM Search Optimization for Drag-and-Drop Artist Sites with Daniel DiGriz


Search optimization isn’t a technical skill. Anyone with a drag-and-drop website builder can do it. The person who SHOULD do most of it is whoever creates the content. If that’s YOU, the artist—making the images and writing the copy—a set of simple, repeatable SEO (search engine optimization) skills for the layperson is 90% of what you need. And it won’t cost you a dime to implement: just an extra minute per piece of content you upload. Daniel DiGriz has been doing SEO since it was invented, and makes the seemingly mysterious understandable to busy people who just want their website to do better in search.

  • Making Images Search Friendly BEFORE You Upload
  • Optimizing Just ENOUGH To Avoid Over-optimization Penalties
  • Where Artists Have an Edge Over Writers
  • The Goal is Human and Machine Having the Same Takeaway
  • Breaking Out of the Keyword Handcuffs

This presentation is platform-agnostic. Daniel will use WordPress as the demonstration platform, but the techniques will apply to any CMS (content management system) or drag-and-drop page builder (Shopify, Squarespace, FASO).

How to Get Juried In—What Artists Need to Know About Successful Submissions with Carolyn Edlund

March 2nd, 2021
Thriving TuesdaysTM How to Get Juried In—What Artists Need to Know About Successful Submissions with Carolyn Edlund


CHF’s own Carolyn Edlund personally juries more than 1,000 competitive submissions per year, and has juried top national art fairs. Carolyn will share insights that will help you improve your submission, get a higher score, and take advantage of opportunities.

This talk includes:

  • Evaluating opportunities to know if they are right for you
  • Present a portfolio that makes them say “Wow”
  • Supporting materials and why they matter
  • Think like a juror
  • How to improve your score
  • What to do if you don’t get accepted
Do It Yourself Publicity: Get More Press by Giving Reporters What They Want with Daniel DiGriz

February 9th, 2021
Thriving TuesdaysTM Do It Yourself Publicity: Get More Press by Giving Reporters What They Want with Daniel DiGriz


Publicity is often the shortest path to exposure, yet it’s rumored to be a rare commodity. How many reporters do you know? When’s the last time they wrote an article quoting you? You can hire a PR specialist if you have $5K or more, but what if the publicity you need is lower hanging fruit and you could get it without that cash? Daniel DiGriz introduces a form of PR anyone can do for free, with tangible results.

  • How to get more website (and portfolio) visibility through PR
  • How to get more social followers with PR
  • How to cut your PR marketing time down to a fraction
  • How to dump press releases in favor of actual press
  • How to create a stronger brand using publicity
  • How to get PR without a PR person
  • How to build up your PR so you’re ready for a high-powered PR person
Build and Grow Your Email List with Carolyn Edlund

January 5th, 2021
Thriving TuesdaysTM List Building for Artists: Build and Grow Your Email List with Carolyn Edlund


Do artists really need to do email marketing? It might sound like pulling teeth, but actually, email is the most effective way to communicate with customers and prospects who will become your all-important collectors. Emails convert more than any other method to sales and income—and that matters, right?

You might think social media is king, and we should all be sharing on those platforms. But what do Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the others do when they want to talk to you? They send an email! Yes, even these major social media players know the essential nature of email and why it works. They use it—and so should you.

So—we know it is a must. But how do you build a list of people who actually want to hear from you? How can you get over the “cringe factor” when building and reaching out to your list? That’s the subject of our upcoming Facebook Live broadcast “Build and Grow Your Email List” January 5th, 2021 at 2:00 PM Eastern. CHF Sales & Events Director Carolyn Edlund (who makes her living off her list) will share her insights and best tips for painlessly building a list of people who care about what you do and want to hear from you.

Here’s a breakdown of topics that will be covered in this not-be-be-missed session:

  • Email marketing matters: here's why
  • Your email list is your greatest business asset
  • Staying legal
  • Email service providers, and why you need them
  • 10 ways to build your list
  • Email list segmentation
  • What about unsubscribed?
  • How to use your email list effectively

Bring your questions when you join us at this session, and learn all you need to know to get started growing an email list and your business in 2021.

Instagram for Artists: Build a Storied Brand

December 1st, 2020
Thriving TuesdaysTM Instagram for Artists: Build a Storied Brand with Daniel DiGriz.


  • What are some models of effective Instagram accounts you can follow that aren’t just more (bare) photos of art?
  • How can you do more effective shoutouts to extend your Instagram network?
  • What demographics can you reach on Instagram, and are they people who can or will ACTUALLY buy your art?
  • What price points are most effective for Instagram art sales?
  • How do you grow your Instagram sales if you’re represented by a gallery?
  • How does it actually WORK? Is there a template for being successful on Instagram?
  • What is the best way to interact with buyers on Instagram?
  • How much work is involved?
  • How do you avoid fraudulent purchases?

This lively presentation features LOTS and LOTS of examples of real-world working artists, some famous, many not, who are selling their work successfully on the Instagram platform.

About Thriving Tuesdays™ Series

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