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The Clark Hulings Fund: Art is a Business and Artists Should Run it

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A THRIVING WORLD Is a World of Thriving Artists

The Clark Hulings Fund Turns Working Artists into Thriving Artists

Thriving Takes:

  • A Career Blueprint

  • Business Training

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Serving The Visual Artist

Professionals With the Will to Thrive

"I want to build a sustainable business in art, and I'm learning a lot to give structure to the way I think about that."

"The content was so rich. There is so much to tap into. I feel overwhelmed in a good way."

"I'm at this forum because I'm an emerging artist. I have the products but I don't know what to do with the products..."

"This feels like I found my tribe. These folks are speaking my language. This is what I want to know about."

Local-Regional Training

CHF partners with art and business organizations with strong local-regional presence to bring in-person entrepreneurial learning to working artists and foster local peer networks. Can you bring the artists? Contact us.

Digital Campus

CHF's Digital Campus equips working artists with a community of peers and industry leaders, continually added art-business courses and educational media, and access to instructors through virtual office hours.

Intensive Fellowships

The Art-Business Accelerator offers a limited number of working artists with demonstrated viability and interest an interactive business-education resulting in accelerated careers and advanced entrepreneurial skills.

Advocacy & Outreach

Through The Thriving Artist Podcast, direct media outreach, and fostering local exchanges across art industry lines, CHF connects working artists with resources, training, and a stronger peer community.

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Connect With Artists & Art Industry Professionals

Jonathan Keeton

"I’m more confident when applying for grants (and recently received one!). Having a brand story has definitely helped."

We are more divorced from the natural world than at any time in our species’ history. Through his paintings of the wilderness, and of cities and small towns just before dawn, Jonathan Keeton inspires in us a sense of awe at the mystery of being alive on this planet. [profile]

James Moore

"[CHF] is training me to think of the business side of my studio practice much more consistently."

Art is a powerful storyteller, but when it comes to public art, too many people are left out of the narrative. James Moore’s sculptures combine figurative and abstract elements to deliver visual experiences that are accessible, engaging, and relevant to the communities he’s serving. [profile]

Andie Freeman

"Because of CHF, I am feeling more empowered to believe that I can make it as a full-time artist."

We live in a disposable world that often diminishes our most important memories. By elevating cherished objects and elements from nature in her paintings, Andie Freeman highlights our shared stories and connects us to the deeper meaning of our lives. [profile]

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Thriving Artist™ Podcast

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Virtualize Your Art Career: Part 2—Carolyn Edlund

“There is no one who can replace you in knowing what you want and telling your story.” Carolyn Edlund on success in tough times, and how the CHF Conference can help. Part II/II

Expert Columns

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Four Ways to Build Your Art-Business During Uncertain Times

You CAN build a thriving art-business during a pandemic, and it might actually be easier to do so with the increased digital resources at this time.

How-to Videos

Format: Video

Leverage Your Art Through Licensing

Licensing is very common, and it can be big business. CHF Education Director Carolyn Edlund explains how it works and how to determine if it’s right for you.

Digital Courses

For Members & Above

Sales Channels: Corporate Art

Is your art right for placement in corporate, healthcare or hospitality settings? This course explains the market and how to work with designers and art consultants.

Social Mission

Collaborate with CHF to more fully serve your constituency through sponsorship and programming. CHF extends organizations' existing social mission and enables firms to fulfill corporate social responsibility through meaningful programs that concentrate on the arts and entrepreneurship.


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