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Journey through the brushstrokes and around the world in the short video Clark Hulings—Working Artist.

Director's view

Director’s View

Director's View

A Monthly Column by Elizabeth Hulings

Why Are You Here—And What Are You Doing About It?

Artists Matter. They are the living, breathing human beings with the talent, skill, and guts to go beyond dreaming, start creating, and make everything possible.

The Dignity of Work

My father celebrated work and workers. His 42 hr work week included anything relevant to his art business—from painting, to taking collectors to dinner.

Creativity is Leading the Way

We hope that art and artists will unleash the power of creative expression to make bold statements with new work to replace or contextualize the symbols of hatred, racism, and war.

It’s Time To Use Your Creative Intelligence

We’re in a new reality now. As we rebuild the ways we live and work, the people best positioned to do that are those who “admit” to being creative.

An Economic Powerhouse Hiding In Plain Sight: The Creative Sector

Innovation and creativity will ensure our survival through our current crises, and are fundamental to human success—yet many hold onto the false belief that artists are incapable of leading us.

Boosting Artists, Our Non-Obsolete Workforce

Whether you work as a city planner or a nurse or a school administrator, environments that feed your spirit help you work smarter, better, and more efficiently.

Safety Nets are Dangerous

“If you would be reasonably satisfied doing something else for a living, then do that and paint on the weekends.” —Clark Hulings Primary-Care Perspective When my father was in his …

Safety Nets are Dangerous Read More »

Art Lights the Way

Art is pure. It is incandescent—the light with which we find our way through this dirty, often disheartening world. Our job on this planet is to uphold and expand the …

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How to Identify Your Life’s Work

Business is hard. No matter what the business is, it’s the business of our life, and it requires focus, determination, and simultaneous attention to tiny detail and big vision. The …

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Avoiding Reality, One Formula at a Time

I’ve been thinking about Caravaggio. Actually, he’s been the catalyst for an ongoing discussion with my husband that arose because of a new play he’s been directing that has that …

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How Not to Drive Off a Cliff

Our world moves so quickly these days, and we’re all pedaling faster and faster just to keep up. That’s certainly true at CHF, where the pace of change continues to …

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Building Confidence, Building Businesses – Q&A with Elizabeth Hulings

CHF’s 2017 Business Accelerator has kicked into high gear, and as we get to know our new class of Fellows better, we are learning more about their experiences in the …

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