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Gregg Chadwick

Gregg Chadwick - Painter
"Beloved physical objects and familiar historical contexts are exciting gateways to fine art for people it often leaves out. I help them find their inner aesthete."

Gregg Chadwick

2018 Executive Fellow

Using widely-understood historical, location-specific tie-ins, and recognizable physical objects that people innately identify with, Gregg Chadwick creates fine art aficionados by showing people that art is a powerful way to collect, cherish, and share memories. With his traveling Mystery Train exhibit, Gregg takes us on a temporal and geographic journey that reminds us of how our railways helped forge the very idea of America, creating economic prosperity while keeping us connected. As with all of Gregg’s work, this show invites everyone to get on board, including those who might otherwise feel like art outsiders.

Business Objective

Open up new markets and reach a national audience by mounting a 3-year traveling exhibit of his Mystery Train series. The show will crisscross the US, stopping at college art galleries, fairs, and regional museums, encouraging visitors to interact, and collect a piece of shared history.

Year 1 Accomplishments

Gregg has spent the past year researching, visiting, and pitching potential show venues, from California, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin, to Tennessee and Virginia. Along with completing all of the paintings for the exhibition, he has raised funds for it through the sale of other paintings and promoted the tour via lectures, press opportunities, social media, and his own revamped website.

Year 2 Plans

Mystery Train kicks off in March 2018—at Saatchi Art’s The Other Art Fair in Los Angeles—and Gregg is actively pursuing sponsorships and promoting each tour location to build a groundswell of interest and support for subsequent stops. Simultaneously, he is fulfilling a separate two-year commission from UCLA and organizing a group exhibition featuring the art of CHF’s Fellows.

Next Up

Fleshing out comprehensive list of potential Mystery Train stops, with venues, sponsors, PR and ancillary opportunities.

  • Supporters Interested In:

    Representational Art, Historical Contexts, Encouraging New Collectors, Locomotives

Gregg Chadwick In studio
Gregg Chadwick in Studio
Gregg Chadwick - Pink Cadillac (Elvis at Graceland)
Pink Cadillac (Elvis at Graceland)