The Art-Business ConferenceTM

Our conferences are mini business accelerators. Learners gain insight, expand their awareness, and transform their thinking about possibilities and success.

These intensive events can be either “boots on the ground,” or virtual—with live-streamed content and personalized interaction. They are directed by our art-business experts, and act as a launching pad for ongoing learning that continues in our Digital Campus. We focus on strong business principles, the development of specific strategies, and the preparation of action plans to achieve set goals. Training includes interactive discussion, self-assessment, and group dynamics designed to assist artists in growing a powerful network of allies and a base of support.

The training experience also prepares artists to act as influential members of their local and regional art communities. As drivers of the creative economy, artists must have powerful voices to claim their rightful place in this changing industry. Those skills are also put into practice in another CHF event: The Thriving Art Exchange.

About the CHF Thriving Art ConventionTM

There are multiple components of the convention, including a conference for working artists and creative professionals (The Art-Business Conference™) and an interactive industry advancement experience called "The Thriving Art Exchange™. Each of these, and other convention components are sometimes held independently of a convention at points throughout the year, and often for special cohorts (a particular community, region, organization, or group).

The Thriving Art ExchangeTM

Our mission at CHF extends beyond training artists to build sustainable small businesses. We look further, into the arts ecosystems that exist in cities, towns, and regions where artists work and create. Healthy, thriving art and cultural sectors drive business growth and prosperity. They encourage tourism and improve the quality of life. Stakeholders in these ecosystems range from government and corporate decision-makers to nonprofit administrators, gallerists, retailers, educators, and collectors, as well as individual working artists. Each stakeholder is an essential part of their community.

Thriving Art Exchange events bring diverse stakeholders together for the purpose of collaboration and consensus. Participants engage in lively debate and discussion, come up with big ideas and find ways to work together for the benefit of all parties. This is the starting point, where relationships are forged and next steps are planned. This is where a flourishing art economy begins.

As a stakeholder, your voice is needed in this dialogue. Join us!

Scenes from CHF Events

"I want to build a sustainable business in art, and I'm learning a lot to give structure to the way I think about that."

"The content was so rich. There is so much to tap into. I feel overwhelmed in a good way."

"I'm at this forum because I'm an emerging artist. I have the products but I don't know what to do with the products..."

"This feels like I found my tribe. These folks are speaking my language. This is what I want to know about."

Bring the Convention to Your Cohort Virtual is In Our Blood

Want to attend a Thriving Art Convention™ or bring one to your community? Our dynamic live events turn artists into self-sustaining entrepreneurs and build strong networks within communities, because a strong arts economy is a strong economy for everyone. Stay in touch to learn about upcoming events or contact CHF for information on how to gather sponsors and support to make a conference happen.

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