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Be Interviewed

Your Experience & Insights

podcast for working artists

Highlight Your Expertise. CHF interviews business and art-industry professionals, working artists, collectors, and arts-organization leaders for our audience of visual artists who want insights and information on how to thrive at the business of art. Interviews can take the form of a written Q&A or an episode of our  syndicated Thriving Artist™ podcast. (Guests must first be vetted by our content producer to see if they are a good match and determine which format will best highlight their expertise.)

Write an Article

Business Journalism

Business Journalism Aimed at Working Artists

Harness the power of the written word. Propose an article or a recurring column aimed at providing working artists with entrepreneurial insight or business expertise. The subject can be general or topical (e.g., financial, customer acquisition, etc.), and your idea(s) can range from ultra-creative to the delightfully quotidian (our audience also needs knowledge about the mundane aspects of running a business). Read our guidelines, and send us your idea(s), along with a bio and links to your social-media channels.

Facilitate a Workshop

Business Education

Teaching Workshops & Labs

Impart your knowledge directly to artists. Facilitators bring subject-matter expertise to the Fellows in our Art-Business Accelerator, an intensive educational program for working artists who want to succeed as artist-entrepreneurs. Your teaching commitment can be as little as one workshop and the corresponding lab, or you can participate over a full quarter, semester, or year of the program. We welcome experts in capitalization, financial management, contracts and copyright, customer acquisition and negotiation, business strategy, and plotting a career trajectory.

Recent Interviews & Columns

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Buying artists’ work supports the economy and the imagination.

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Selling Art in The New Normal: Marketplace, Native Communities, and Virtual Reality

Art weighs-in on social justice.

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Four Ways to Build Your Art-Business During Uncertain Times

Four Ways to Build Your Art-Business During Uncertain Times

CHF’s art business training is on-target professional development

How Education Begets Inspiration, Even in a Pandemic

Facilitate Art Business Workshop

We work with a wide variety of artists and experts.

Are you a business or art-industry leader who wants to demystify your field, improve the way that artists interact with it, and boost your own professional standing? Maybe you’re a professional artist who's learned more than a few things about navigating the business and would like to share that knowledge with your peers while also becoming more widely known.

Either way, we want to hear from you.

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