Sales Strategy

Sales Marketing Alignment

Getting Your Art-Business Project to Market—The Viability Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a reality TV show in which ambitious entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to the metaphorical “sharks”—five successful entrepreneurs who advanced their careers exponentially by turning some initial project […]

The Visit - Couple and Newcomer

Millennials Aren’t Killing The Art Industry

Whether they are using the app or not, more young people are looking to turn a quick profit from “art flipping.”

Creatively And Successfully Run Your Business

Creatively And Successfully Run Your Business

Mary McBride is a international speaker, an executive coach, editor of Catalyst, and the chair of the Arts and Cultural Management and Design Management graduate programs at Pratt Institute School […]

How to Sell More Art

How to Sell More Art? An Unexpected Answer

Art isn’t a job like making widgets, where you’re content to do the same thing over and over again for the rest of your life.

Mary McBride headshot

If You Build It, They Will Ignore It. Unless…—Mary McBride

“I think people who know what their values are…know what their values are! So yes, they’re trading, yes they’re ‘sacrificing,’ but what they don’t trade off is what they value.”

Donna Lee Nyzio

Tighten Your Sales Strategy, Then Refuse to Compromise—Donna Lee Nyzio

“When you decide what you want to do, you become more intentional about what you choose to do.”

Art Licensing Microlearning

Leverage Your Art Through Licensing

Licensing is very common, and it can be big business. CHF Education Director Carolyn Edlund explains how it works and how to determine if it’s right for you.

Rachel Berg

Get Your Art Into Hotels and Corporate Spaces—Rachel Berg

“Make sure you’re always retaining the rights to the work. If someone is asking you to sign the rights, there’s a problem. Because we are asking permission to use it; not to own it.”

25% off for Giving Tuesday

Save Big at CHF From Black Friday Through Giving Tuesday

In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, CHF is giving back to visual artists all holiday weekend long. Use our coupon code GIVE25 now to get a 25% discount on all of our […]

Art is a Busines and Artists Should Run It (2)

Opening Event Announced for CHF’s Art-Business Summit in Dallas

The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists to Host Art Business Congress at Turner House: Opening Event for Weekend Dallas Summit September 7-9, 2018 Noted Organization’s Inaugural Business Congress and […]

Helping to Push - Bas-Relief

Goodacre-Hulings Bas-Relief—Benefitting CHF—Featured in the American Masters Show

Sculptor Glenna Goodacre’s final work—her bas-relief of Clark Hulings’ classic drawing Helping to Push—is on display in NYC as part of the Salmagundi Club’s 10th anniversary American Masters exhibition, which […]

Ray Beldner featured image

Do Art Fairs Pay Off? – Ray Beldner

“Having one-on-one face time with an artist is what the viewer wants, it’s a good way to sell art and look at art.”

Central Features' Second Anniversary Party

The Gallery Model is Changing – Here’s How Artists Benefit

Albuquerque-based gallery owner Nancy Zastudil emailed with CHF about the changes contemporary galleries are undergoing. Here, she explains the shifting face of gallery representation, how these changes empower artists, and […]


A True Partnership Between Artist and Gallerist – CHF Interviews Jack Morris

Jack Morris has been trading art for nearly 55 years. He has opened commercial galleries in Houston, Dallas, Santa Fe, Hilton Head Island, and Scottsdale, and his Scottsdale Art Auction […]


Manage a Successful Art Career – Dan Anthony

“As an artist, you need to be as prolific as you can because you will need a body of work to solidify your situation.”

Burros Pulling Logs At Aswan, Clark Hulings

Art Collections Management: Caring for Your Collection – Maura Kehoe Collins

“Documentation is a very important part of the object and the care of collections.”

National School Arts Collective

Student Curated Art Collections: A New Way to Experience Art – James Kitchen

“Young people need to have that experience and the effects can be dramatic over a lifetime. Experiencing an artwork in person is so much different than seeing it on a phone.”


CHF Fellows Explore the Impact of Art Fairs in Their New Exhibition

Art fairs play an increasingly pivotal role in the art world. Over the past decade, the number of fairs has quadrupled, from 68 in 2005 to about 270 today, and they drive approximately […]

Auction Houses: the “New” Art Business

Auction Houses: the New Art Business

Shelley Farmer of Hirschl & Adler Modern tackles the changing roles within the art market. In the old days, art dealers would attend auctions, and the public would purchase art from […]