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Generate Powerful Publicity: A Sistine Chapel Mindset – Todd Scalise

“The tipping point in my business was being able to educate people about why what I’m doing is different.”

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Develop Your Core Brand Story

What does your art say to the public? Do you have a strong message that utilizes story structure to clearly convey why your work is important, and why people must […]

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Nail Your Art Story: A Case For Putting Artist Statements in Story Format

Art with a story will consistently outsell art with no story. An art-story has three characters: the art, the artist, and the world. But how does that work, and how do we BUILD a story around our art practice?

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Build a Brand That Gets a Response – Jenny Darroch

“The thing that trips students up the most is embracing that a commercial approach to art is OK.”

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What Media Resource Has Helped Your Business?

There’s a lot of advice out there about how to improve your business, which can make it hard to know where to look for impactful content. In a recent CHF […]