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Writing, Pitching, and Talking from the Middle

Your writing sucks. Your sales pitch is bland. And your speech, presentation, or workshop is underwhelming. Got your attention? My work in all of these categories has suffered the same […]

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Move Past Gimmicks to an Authentic Brand Story

How do you develop a story about your artwork, and communicate that story to the public? CHF’s Marketing Director Daniel DiGriz shares storytelling tools that will strengthen your brand and, […]

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Effectively Market Your Work Online

John Math is a marketing expert who owns and operates the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, which conducts online art competitions and exhibitions for artists. In this Q&A, […]

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Dispelling Marketing Myths at ArtExpo New York

At this year’s ArtExpo New York, CHF Marketing and Education Director Daniel DiGriz offered artists straight talk about marketing. In his presentation, which you can view here, Daniel reminds us that […]

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Generate Powerful Publicity: A Sistine Chapel Mindset – Todd Scalise

“The tipping point in my business was being able to educate people about why what I’m doing is different.”