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Artist painting al fresco

Making Your Art Business “Investment Grade”

Throughout CHF’s year-long Business Accelerator, we are in constant communication with our Fellows and frequently request their feedback so that we can make the program even better. As part of this process, we compiled […]

Dean Mitchell

Create Your Own Success – Dean Mitchell

“I’m no Salvador Dalí, but I have built enough of a market that now I can start to work on leaving a legacy.”

Mary Ann Weems

How to Find Your Audience – Mary Ann Weems

“Average people were very afraid to walk into galleries. Affordability became the key. You didn’t feel the intimidation.”


Beyond Arts Education: Why Artists Need Business Training – Betsy Ehrenberg

“Sometimes they [artists] think earning money, charging for their work, is not something they want to do. They feel embarrassed to do so. It’s an attitude, I have no idea where it begins, but a lot of artists just look at the word ‘money’ and see a four letter word.”

buying behaviors

Recognizing Buying Signals Can Mean the Difference Between Bulging Wallet and Broke

I was asked by a Fellow in the CHF Business Accelerator Program if I could shed some light on buying signals and behaviors–what they are and how to recognize them. […]

Macondo by Gonzalo Fuenmayor

Making the Sale: The Magic of Art

There are many clear actions that artists can (and should) take to lay the foundation for selling their work—from networking at art events and communicating regularly with potential buyers, to […]


Recognizing the Legacies of Overlooked Artists – Peter Trippi

“I think living artists should be very optimistic that there’s still a healthy appetite for art… It’s just occurring in different ways.”

hands-over-laptop-stockshot-Thomas Lefebvre-resized

Artist Q & A: Which digital-marketing approaches and outlets have been most effective for you?

When it comes to digital marketing, the “how” and “what” are changing by the day, but the “why” remains constant: you want to attract an audience, engage with them, and drive them to […]

Aletta de Wal

Balancing Art, Life, and Business – Aletta de Wal

Artists need to ask themselves, “What do I need to support myself and my family and my art business in the way that I’m accustomed to or want to and what it’s going to take for me to get that?”

Daniel DiGriz Motivation

Expert Q & A: How do artists create and cultivate excellent relationships with collectors?

Like successful entrepreneurs in other fields, artists must work to build and maintain a loyal clientele. This involves reaching out to potential buyers and developing relationships with those who’ve already purchased–or shown interest […]

Gallery stock shot

Artist Q & A: How do you obtain gallery representation if you’ve never had it before?

As working artists grow their careers, they often struggle to get information on specific business quandaries. At CHF, we gather the most common questions, and canvass those professional artists who are part […]

Takeout - by Robert C. Jackson

Build a Career Piece by Piece — CHF Interviews Robert C. Jackson

Artist Robert C. Jackson is an American realist painter whose colorful still lifes feature balloon dogs, toys, and vintage crates arrayed in clever tableaux. Bob began his professional life as […]

Ryan S Brown

The Long-Term Art Career – Ryan S. Brown

“As an artist, you’re a small business owner and you’re in charge, you’re the boss, and you have to manage that like any other small business would be managed. You have to keep your books organized, plan for big expenses, and plan for investing in those big projects.”


Artist Q&A: How Do I Get Commissions For Public Works?

For our latest artist Q&A, we talked to sculptor Bart Walter, who has created many public works, like the piece he recently unveiled at the airport in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (see photo below). As Bart […]

typing on laptop stockshot

Avoid the Biggest Writing Pitfalls

Writing about yourself and your work isn’t easy, even for those of us who make a living wrangling words, and many visual artists struggle with penning artist statements, social-media posts, and other business […]

Elizabeth Corkery

Make Your Art Economically Viable – Elizabeth Corkery

The Business Accelerator Program allowed me to “discover how applicable a lot of those strategies would be for promoting my personal work as well.”

Felicia van Bork

Never Settle in Your Art Career – Felicia van Bork

“Create what you love but balance that with what will also sell”

Stock photo of $20 bills

Artist Q&A: How do you know when to raise prices?

Thriving artists have learned what it takes to succeed economically. That’s why CHF regularly reaches out to a group of well-established visual artists to get their answers to their peers’ most burning questions on […]

woman on phone - stock photo

Success is a Numbers Game

For many artists, numbers can be anathema, but in the business of art, as in any other, making a living comes down to generating the right ones. As an entrepreneur, […]

social media icons - Pixabay

Using Social Media as a Sales Tool

Social media has revolutionized how artists sell their art in the 21st century. Gone is the day when they had to wait for a reputable gallery to “discover” them. Today, visual […]

From Upcycling Sheltered Workshops, courtesy of Susan Dlouhy & Patty Mitchell

The Power of “And”

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of chairing a panel discussion at the Ohio Arts Council’s Arts Impact conference, an event that celebrated the many delightful ways that the […]

Art Business podcast

Creating and Teaching Hand in Hand – Carolyn (Charlie) Bogusz & LaVonne Ewing

Artists need a platform to market and brand their skills as potentially both experts and instructors.

The elephant painting that Dance commissioned while she was in Uganda

The Missing Link – Make Your Art Accessible

I remember the day clearly even though it was many years ago. My 14-year-old self was standing in line with my mom at a local Starbucks when I spotted a particular piece […]

Cheryl Gross

The Catch-22: Mixing Media & Crossing Genre – Cheryl Gross

“Color within the lines and you get pigeonholed; cross media and genres, and they don’t know where to put you.”