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Elizabeth’s Business Breakdown

Here is a deceptively simple tool that I use with many, many clients, from artists to solopreneurs in other industries, to people at large corporations and non-profits. It’s a useful …

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Stock image Ella's piece

A Critical Eye to Decorative Art

Art and Decoration The term ‘decorative’ in relation to art has been central to artistic movements throughout history. Over the course of the 19th century, decoration changed from being a positive …

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ghost of a dream

Project Management: An Impressionistic Art Form – Ghost of a Dream

“I think we make better art because we’re really truthful with each other, and we can tell each other exactly how we feel something is being read or how it gets taken.”

Windows to the Divine

Anyone Can Be a Collector of Original Works – Shannon Robinson

“There’s no substitute for seeing it live, looking at the texture, looking at the brush strokes, being able to really examine the work.”

Leslie Hirst Objectively Speaking

Taking the Plunge to Become a Working Artist – Leslie Hirst

Exhibition is about “Seeing the world through the physicality of language and bringing the presence of experience into play through language.”