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Passion or Profit? Choose Both

Before you started your business, you only needed to be good at creating art. But as soon as you decide to take the next step and earn a living from […]

Catherine Futter

Best Practices to Engage With Curators – Dr. Catherine Futter

They’re not separate at all—the market and museum—there are galleries now where there’s very little work in the exhibition that’s for sale. They’re publishing books and ‘competing’ with museums. The lines are becoming blurrier and some of that is positive.”

Holly Van Hart headshot

How to Meet Stakeholder Demands – Holly Van Hart

“I don’t mind letting people see the process and where I go wrong, that’s part of the creative process and what people are interested in.”

Frank Juliano feature

How an Art Institution Can Help You Develop the Business Plan – CHF Interviews Frank Juliano

Frank Juliano is an exceptional storyteller. As Executive Director of Reeves-Reed Arboretum, his high standards for the garden, exhibited art, and educational programs aim to elevate how visitors experience nature. […]

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Elizabeth’s Business Breakdown

Here is a deceptively simple tool that I use with many, many clients, from artists to solopreneurs in other industries, to people at large corporations and non-profits. It’s a useful […]

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A Critical Eye to Decorative Art

Art and Decoration The term ‘decorative’ in relation to art has been central to artistic movements throughout history. Over the course of the 19th century, decoration changed from being a positive […]

Aletta de Wal

Balancing Art, Life, and Business – Aletta de Wal

Artists need to ask themselves, “What do I need to support myself and my family and my art business in the way that I’m accustomed to or want to and what it’s going to take for me to get that?”

ghost of a dream

Project Management: An Impressionistic Art Form – Ghost of a Dream

“I think we make better art because we’re really truthful with each other, and we can tell each other exactly how we feel something is being read or how it gets taken.”

Windows to the Divine

Anyone Can Be a Collector of Original Works – Shannon Robinson

“There’s no substitute for seeing it live, looking at the texture, looking at the brush strokes, being able to really examine the work.”

Leslie Hirst Objectively Speaking

Taking the Plunge to Become a Working Artist – Leslie Hirst

Exhibition is about “Seeing the world through the physicality of language and bringing the presence of experience into play through language.”

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Maintaining Momentum in an Evolving Art Career – Etsuko Ichikawa

Etsuko’s interview offers an insightful look into public art commissions, the importance of vetting galleries before you work with them, and how to tackle brand management even as your career evolves.

Tim Newton

Collector: Steward of the Arts – Tim Newton

“Collectors have a vested interest in supporting the work of The Clark Hulings Fund because what goes around comes around in the collecting world.”

Lauren Francis Adams

Planning for Residencies, Shows, and Travel – Lauren Frances Adams

“Those that produce the work are often the least in control of what happens to that work.”

molly dilworth headshot

Setting Up an Art Business for Scale – Molly Dilworth

Large-scale artist Molly Dilworth explains the challenges of both producing such works and operating the professional side of the business for scale.

Estate Planning for Art Collectors

Estate Planning for Art Collectors

Tim Newton and Shelley Farmer explain the options available to art collectors when they are planning for the future of their art. Tim notes that art can be considered the “atm […]

Stephen Zimmerman

More Wall Space: The Collector’s Journey To Connoisseurship – Stephen Zimmerman

“Anyone with a genuine interest at any economic level can acquire a collection.”

Art Education

Genre Boundaries, Gallery Opportunities – Philip Koch

In this episode, Philip talks about the significance of genre/style for an artistic career, and the business end (selling things) via galleries and dealers.


Bunny Mellon’s Keen Eye Is a Boon to Sotheby’s

Few people have ever visited Oak Spring Farms, the grand home here of Rachel Lambert Mellon, better known as Bunny. If they had, they would have seen a Pissarro, unframed […]