The Love Letter by Samuel Fildes

Ten Tips for Acing Your Next Grant Proposal

It’s the night before the grant application is due and you’re feeling hopeful and confident. You followed the instructions to the letter. You enlisted a colleague to read and critique […]

John Furth resized

The Learned Skills of Successful Entrepreneurs – John Furth

“Successful people say ‘Yeah, I failed, but I did learn, and this is how I’ll apply it to the next thing I do.'”

Alexis Clements

Why Are You Working for Free? Examining Arts Labor – Alexis Clements

“There is a shame around making money off of swag or reproductions or something else that isn’t art—but that is making money off of art.”

Christin Paige Minnotte

Economics of the Art Market – Neil Ramsay

“Business has a hard time understanding the arts, so… I’m advocating for the professionalizing, that within the organization, the artist is seen just as professional as the accountant, just as professional as the director and the other typical roles…”

RISCA, Mass Moca, Brown University

Professionalize Your Studio Practice with Business Training – Cristina DiChiera

An artist should think of it as a challenge to connect with people, tell their story, and get an audience excited about the project.