Elaine Grogan Luttrull

Making Budgets Exciting—Elaine Grogan Luttrull

Financial management is exciting. Yes, we mean it. At first glance, you may not associate exhilaration with the process of generating a budget, monitoring expenses, tracking invoices, and planning your […]

Budgeting 2.0 Workshop

Finance & Administration: Budgeting 2.0

Christina Empedocles headshot

Leverage Your Creative Skills to Improve Your Finances – Christina Empedocles

“Your art practice will change; it’s absolutely necessary to plan for it. I don’t want to hustle to find rent money when I’m 80!”

Alice Loy resized

How Creative Entrepreneurs Build Investment Capital – Alice Loy

“Creatives can, and should, own the companies that creatives work at—creative people are uniquely suited to understand opportunities and problems and therefore develop solutions for market opportunities.”

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Five Tips for Pricing Your Work

Pi Luna is a Santa Fe-based financial coach who teaches workshops for creative business owners, and works with artists to figure out the most effective pricing strategies to build their businesses. Here, […]

ROI featured image

The Philanthropic Investor, Philanthropic ROI, and a New Renaissance

It’s axiomatic that when an investor puts money into a business, they want to get that money back out along with some factor of growth. Warren Buffett defines investment as […]

The Love Letter by Samuel Fildes

Ten Tips for Acing Your Next Grant Proposal

It’s the night before the grant application is due and you’re feeling hopeful and confident. You followed the instructions to the letter. You enlisted a colleague to read and critique […]

John Furth resized

The Learned Skills of Successful Entrepreneurs – John Furth

“Successful people say ‘Yeah, I failed, but I did learn, and this is how I’ll apply it to the next thing I do.'”

Alexis Clements

Why Are You Working for Free? Examining Arts Labor – Alexis Clements

“There is a shame around making money off of swag or reproductions or something else that isn’t art—but that is making money off of art.”

Christin Paige Minnotte

Economics of the Art Market – Neil Ramsay

“Business has a hard time understanding the arts, so… I’m advocating for the professionalizing, that within the organization, the artist is seen just as professional as the accountant, just as professional as the director and the other typical roles…”

RISCA, Mass Moca, Brown University

Professionalize Your Studio Practice with Business Training – Cristina DiChiera

An artist should think of it as a challenge to connect with people, tell their story, and get an audience excited about the project.

Concentration by Clark Hulings

The Financial Secrets of Rich Kids

“What are the rich kids doing that I’m not?” I was asked this question last fall at a “Business of Art” workshop I was leading, after I’d invited participants to […]


Patronage, Not Parentage

In a recent blog post for Americans for the Arts, Sofia Perez, the editorial director of the Clark Hulings Fund, wrote about the shrinking hoops that artists must jump through […]

Hot Springs

How Community Connections Are Good for Business

Working in the arts comes with some pretty fantastic perks, not the least of which is being surrounded by incredible professionals doing incredible things. We are a community, a word […]


Financial Investments to Consider for Artists

Alan J. Cohen, the Senior Vice President of Wealth Management at UBS Financial Services Inc., discusses strategies artists need when looking toward the future, specifically, their retirement. He recommends setting […]

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Appraising Your Artwork for Artists & Collectors – Interview with Caitlin Kelly

As an appraiser of fine art at Frenkel & Company, a New York-based international insurance broker, Caitlin Kelly works with everyone from artists and gallerists to auctioneers, art advisors, and […]

Tim Kennedy - large format art pieces

Funding the Well Defined Art Project – Tim Kennedy

Tim helps us understand what it’s like being a visual artist in a photographic world and how to leverage relationships and write effective grant proposals to obtain funding.

Artist Financial

Impact of Financial Literacy on Artistic Purity – EG Luttrull

Elaine provides insights on the types of financial decisions that directly impact the purity of one’s art!

Louisiana Shack, Clark Hulings

Rising Rents: The Ripple Effect For Artists and Communities

What happens when artists can no longer afford their studios? The question was raised in a recent New York Times article (“Priced Out of Brooklyn“), which described sculptor Gabriel Koren’s struggle […]

Pricing Your Art: What a Big Mac can Teach You About Value

Pricing Your Art: What a Big Mac can Teach You About Value

In college, I was fascinated to learn about the “Big Mac Index,” an economic index that tracked the price of McDonald’s famed sandwich in various countries around the world. (I’m […]


Money and Art: The Beautiful Paradox

Seth Godin recently wrote: “You can keep track of what you get in return, or you can make art.” As a great admirer of Seth Godin’s work, this quote stirred […]

Elizabeth Hulings, CHF Direotor

Creating the Middle Class Artist – Elizabeth Hulings

In this episode, Elizabeth explains how to change the culture by funding, training, connecting, and equipping working artists.


Growing an Economy with Artist Entrepreneurs – Shannon Linker

Shannon helps us understand how art communities are built and economies grow by funding and training the working artist.

Capital cash screenshot

Money Matters For Artists From Cash To Creative Capital

While it would be great if artists could just put all their focus on creating art, it unfortunately is not the reality. Artists must also concern themselves with funding and […]