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Tortoise by Deanna Millard

How Not to Drive Off a Cliff

Our world moves so quickly these days, and we’re all pedaling faster and faster just to keep up. That’s certainly true at CHF, where the pace of change continues to […]


Between Creativity and Commerce: Art Thinking – Amy Whitaker

“Many of the things that people approach in business – when they’re talking about a business plan or return on investment – they’re really talking about similar things to what happens in art.”

classroom stock shot-photo by JJ Thompson

Building an Educational Program Around the Way Adults Learn — Daniel DiGriz

In addition to providing digital strategy to businesses and nonprofits, CHF Educational and Marketing Director Daniel DiGriz has nearly 30 years of global instructional experience and holds an M. Ed. […]

The Red Paintings album art

When Mindsets Shift, Big Things Happen

I am cautiously optimistic! I know that might be surprising to some of you who know me, but I’ve been reviewing submissions for our 2017 Business Accelerator Program, and I […]

winding forest path- stock shot

The Artist’s Winding Path to CEO

The business world was abuzz last month when LinkedIn published a new study on climbing the corporate ladder. The New York Times‘ senior economic correspondent Neil Irwin summed up its key […]


Create A Thriving Art Business – Alan Bamberger

“Artists have never had more opportunities to advocate on their own behalves, to get their work out there, to talk about what’s behind it, to talk about themselves as artists.”

Carla Crawford

Make Your Art Career Sustainable – Carla Crawford

Mastering the business side of art is “a completely different scale from what you’re doing in the studio, but it’s essential.”

CH website screen grab

A Case Study in Protecting an Artist’s Legacy — Q&A with Elizabeth Hulings

On August 31, 2016, the Clark Hulings Estate officially unveiled its comprehensive archives, showcasing the late artist’s immense talent, accomplishments, and influence. The impressive collection, which includes Hulings’ paintings, drawings, […]

Untitled installation at Untitled Art Fair 2015

Don’t Wait to be Saved by a Gallery — CHF Interviews Dannielle Tegeder

CHF 2014 grant recipient Dannielle Tegeder is a painter who also creates large-scale installations, drawings, animations, mobiles, and other sculptural objects. Our funding helped to support Infrastructure, her solo exhibition at […]

La Bajada, by Clark Hulings

Don’t Give It Away

I’ve been a business strategist for more than 25 years, and in that role, I’ve helped many different individuals, companies, and organizations rethink their goals and approaches. Some take easily […]

Formal Meeting crop - Vlad Pronkin

No Sacred Cows: Becoming an Art Collector – CHF Interviews Daniel DiGriz

CHF’s Educational and Marketing Director Daniel DiGriz is the CEO of MadPipe, a company that provides digital strategy to businesses and nonprofits. As a Digital Ecologist®, Daniel sees where natural and digital […]

New nebraskans-Indian Hill Facade - By Watie White

Grow Your Art Ecosystem – CHF Interviews Watie White

A member of CHF’s Advisory Board and a judge for our grant-review panel, Watie White is a painter and printmaker based in Omaha, Nebraska. In addition to his pieces that have […]

Two guys fighting over money

Yes, You Can!

Visual artists face challenge after challenge on the path to economic success. Funding sources are drying up even as upfront expenses (e.g., studio spaces, materials, etc.) are increasing. Art schools […]

Vanessa Diaz

Artist as CEO – Vanessa Diaz

Vanessa Diaz reimagines architectural pieces to distort conventional perceptions of how rooms and physical spaces should be used.

Your next big Art project

Your Next Big Art Project? Your Business.

The great writer and philosopher Henry David Thoreau once said, “The world is but a canvas to our imaginations,” and these words still resonate for me. As an artist, my […]

Robert C. Jackson

Becoming a Five-Day-a-Week Artist – Robert C. Jackson

“Most artists never talk about business and, as a result, most artists never make a living from their art.”

Laura Petrovich-Cheney

No Separation Between Work and Life – Laura Petrovich-Cheney

“When people sheared sheep 100 years ago, it wasn’t just work, it was their life; work wasn’t a separate thing.” Art and business are like that.

Leonardo Da Vinci cross bow sketch

Technology Serves Artists

Technology has changed our lives dramatically—we communicate, learn, shop, and unwind in all kinds of newfangled ways—so it’s no surprise that it’s also had a huge impact on the world […]

Valencia Peddler, Clark Hulings

Art is Not a Charity

I grew up in a middle-class household, and my father happened to be a successful visual artist who worked out of his home studio, sometimes at 3:00 am. If you […]

Forecasting a Brighter Future for Artists

Forecasting a Brighter Future for Artists

In a recent article for ArtSpace, Andrew M. Goldstein surveyed a wide array of art professionals to solicit their 2016 prognostications for the art world. Representing a cross-section of the […]

Americana Feast by Robert C. Jackson

Don’t Go It Alone

The work life of a visual artist can be a solitary one. It’s an individual profession where most of the work is done alone in a studio. Even when there […]

Album Cover, Clark Hulings

Shake, Rattle & Roll

Disruption. It’s a word we’ve been hearing a lot these days to describe companies that are changing the way business is done in the collaborative or “sharing” economy. The dictionary […]

Artwork Archive for Artists & Collectors - John Feustel

Artwork Archive for Artists & Collectors – John Feustel

John’s solution takes the worry and hassle out of cataloging a visual artist or art collector’s works/collection, while providing solid financial intelligence and even heat-map based location maps.

Large works of art screenshot

The Challenges and Rewards of Working Large

On March 15, 2015 at First Street Gallery, The Clark Hulings Fund presented The Challenges and Rewards of Working Large, An Art Business Panel Discussion. The panelists discussed what it […]