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Ft Lauderdale pier

Head South to Florida This Winter For Our Next Art-Business Conference

Don’t miss the boat! If you’re a professional working artist, this is your opportunity to conquer the rapidly changing marketplace, and equip yourself to thrive by attending CHF’s Ft. Lauderdale […]

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Metro Washington DC Artists: Transform Your Art Career at This Pivotal Learning Event

Build your action plan, nail your brand story, and multiply your revenue streams. These are just a few of the topics we’ll be covering at our metro DC Art-Business Conference, […]

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Our Digital Portal Features an Online Learning Community

What if there were a central, comprehensive art-industry resource that you could access 24/7 from anywhere in the world? And what if that resource instantly connected you to a community […]

Figurative Art Convention and Expo

CHF Leaders Speak in Miami on the Business of Art

Attention, figurative painters: Mark your calendars for the 2018 Figurative Art Convention & Expo (FACE), which takes place from November 7th – 10th in Miami, Florida. This immersive four-day event […]

CHF 2018 Santa Fe Summit - students talking

Transform Your Art Career at Our Upcoming Florida and Metro DC Conferences

Attention, working artists: Don’t get left behind in a rapidly changing marketplace! Equip yourself to thrive by attending one of CHF’s next Art-Business Conference. First, we’re headed to Fort Lauderdale, […]

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eBay and The Ingredients of a Successful Artrepreneur

  The problem with only telling artist stories is that we look for the trick, like the proverbial man behind the curtain, as in The Wizard of Oz. As long […]


How The Art Industry Pits Itself Against Artists

Following a portfolio review, a gallerist told the artist who goes by the Instagram handle Wait What Show that “darn,” despite loving her paintings, “I don’t represent young women because they’re […]

The Calmady Children by Sir Thomas Lawrence

Safety Nets are Dangerous

“If you would be reasonably satisfied doing something else for a living, then do that and paint on the weekends.” —Clark Hulings Primary-Care Perspective When my father was in his […]

Nadia Fairlamb headshot

Identify Pivotal Opportunities for Business Growth – Nadia Fairlamb

“I consider myself a business owner, and my business is art. So I know that I’m running a business, and every artist that I know that’s making money is doing it the same way.”

Caroll Michels headshot

Caroll Michels

Caroll Michels is an artist-advocate and the author of the book How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist: Selling Yourself without Selling Your Soul. The New York Times says […]

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Our Accelerator Call Has Ended, But Our Digital Learning Portal Awaits You

Thank you to all of the visual artists who applied for our 2019 Art-Business Accelerator Fellowships. We will be naming our new Fellows in November 2018, and the 2019 program […]

One of Afghanistan’s Bamiyan Buddhas

Art Lights the Way

Art is pure. It is incandescent—the light with which we find our way through this dirty, often disheartening world. Our job on this planet is to uphold and expand the […]

Clark Hulings - Master Painter

The Example of Clark Hulings – Build an Art Career You Love

Clark Hulings wanted to do specific things with his visual art. To succeed, he knew he had to be commercially successful, but that he couldn’t let others determine the shape of his career. It was on him to make his own blueprint for what he wanted.

Daniel DiGriz talking at 2018 Dallas Art-Business Summit

In Dallas: Another Successful CHF Art-Business Summit

We thank the Dallas arts community for making CHF’s latest Art-Business Summit a huge success. From the kickoff Art-Business Congress at Turner House on Friday, September 7th, to the weekend-long workshops at […]

Artist as CEO

Artist As Entrepreneur: Becoming the CEO of Your Life

How to move a goal – even big goals – from mere theory to “done!” Two CHF Business Accelerator Fellows along with Steve Pruneau and Startup ArtFair founder Ray Beldner tackle this topic.

Price Your Art Pi Luna piece

Who Defines the Professional Artist’s Career Trajectory?

Welcome to the world of work As artists enter the workforce, they’re tasked not only with making a living, but with fulfilling the fundamental role of the artist—cultural reflection and […]

Power of Rejection

The Power of Rejection

This month at CHF, we’re talking about failing better—dealing with our failures and rejections in ways that are constructive instead of stagnating.   In their blog post Use Rejection as […]

Billboard 7, The Swamp by Janet Culbertson

Marketing ‘Difficult’ Art – CHF Interviews Janet Culbertson

Janet Culbertson is an award-winning eco artist who has been making art for over five decades. In this conversation with Jennifer Orbom, Janet discusses marketing ‘difficult’ art, her business’ evolution, […]

Holly Van Hart headshot

How to Meet Stakeholder Demands – Holly Van Hart

“I don’t mind letting people see the process and where I go wrong, that’s part of the creative process and what people are interested in.”

Stephanie Birdsall resized headshot

Find the Best Representation for Your Art – Stephanie Birdsall

“I see a lack of confidence standing in people’s way, they don’t trust what they’re thinking, they don’t trust what they’re painting, and as soon as they get a little confident I see a huge change.”

Daniel DiGriz Motivation

And Now, A Word About Motivations

Herein lies a bit of Shakespeare, a reference to Ayn Rand, some Disney-like wishing trampled by a one-off reference to the Health Care debate, and goose noises. Enjoy. It’s easy […]

Glenna Goodacre

Practical Business Concerns To Consider Before You Retire

Considered one of America’s foremost sculptors, Glenna Goodacre has been capturing the essence of her subjects for nearly 50 years. Her extensive body of work includes many iconic pieces—from the […]

Closeup of feet climbing hill-stockshot

Letter to a Working Artist

The first sign that you are an entrepreneur is thinking, “Wow, this is a LOT.” If you’re NOT feeling a little overwhelmed, you’re not in charge of a business. The […]

White Out by Mark Anthony Martinez

How Discrimination in the Arts Impacts Your Business

Discrimination—it happens in every field and can take many forms. In the art industry, it’s the curator who leans in and says he really enjoys working with “cute little artist […]