Chaos - Carrie Cook

Carrie Cook – Art Hop: Statewide Arts Competition

CHF Accelerator Fellow Carrie Cook’s piece ‘Rudi’ took Best of Show, and her other piece, ‘Chaos’ took 3rd place in the 2-D Representational competition category at Art Hop.

Baxter by Carrie Cook

Carrie Cook – The Briscoe Western Art Museum

The Society of Animal Artists’ Art and the Animal exhibit and tour premieres in San Antonio this year. This event showcases some of the finest animal artists in the world, including CHF Accelerator Fellow Carrie Cook.

House on the Hill by Donna Lee Nyzio

Donna Lee Nyzio – Bosque Arts Center

This is Donna’s second year at this western-themed show and an unlikely show for her, being a coastal painter.

Orange Hat - Donna Lee Nyzio

Donna Lee Nyzio – The Old Post Office Museum and Art Center

The 8th Annual Art at the The Old Post Office Museum and Art Center (OPOMAC) will exhibit Orange Hat by 2017-2018 Accelerator Fellow and 2019 Fellow Adviser, Donna Lee Nyzio

Adreon Henry – CamibaART Gallery

Adreon Henry – CAMIBAart Gallery

CHF Accelerator Fellow Adreon Henry will be featured in his first exhibition at CAMIBAart Gallery. Visitors will enjoy artworks spanning the last nine years, including works finished just last month.

STONE1A -Adreon Henry

Adreon Henry – Republic Square Park: Temporary Art Installation

Adreon Henry was inspired to create this temporary public installation to pay homage to the connectivity and longevity of the creative community through the Art City Festival.

Net Loss - Carrie Cook

Carrie Cook – The People’s Gallery

The People’s Gallery features work in a wide array of mediums from artists across the Austin area. Included among them is Net Loss and Juliette by Carrie Cook, a CHF 2019 Accelerator Fellow.

Orange Hat, by Donna Lee Nyzio

Donna Lee Nyzio – Conroe Art League 4th Annual National Invitational

For the second time, CHF Accelerator Fellow Donna Lee Nyzio has had her work selected for the Conroe Art League’s National Invitational. The 2019 exhibition was judged by art-history professor […]

Art Business Summit - Dallas - Fort Worth

Art-Business Conference – Dallas

The marketplace is changing—not just technology, but HOW art is marketed, bought, and sold. You, the Artist, are at the center of this. Take charge of your career, mesmerize your audience, maximize your extraordinary professional advantages, and Sell-Sell-Sell. This is going to be an amazing event.

Calligraphy Dress by Belgin Yucelen

Belgin Yucelen – 6th Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Islamic Art

The Irving Arts Center will host the 6th Annual International Exhibit of Contemporary Islamic Art as part of the Islamic Art Revival Series. This juried exhibit includes work by Belgin Yucelen, 2017 […]


Kristin LeVier – Materials: Hard + Soft

It’s that time of year again. The 30th annual edition of one of the country’s top craft exhibitions is on now through May 6, 2017 – Materials: Hard + Soft. You […]