Eric the Eel - Steven Lester

Steven Lester – AVA: Solo Exhibition

The Association for Visual Arts presents The Olympian Spirit, a solo exhibition featuring CHF Accelerator Fellow Steven Lester.

ALFONZO by Steven Lester

Steven Lester – AVA: Once Upon A Time Exhibition

This exhibition highlights the talents of illustration and animation artists–including CHF 2019 Accelerator Fellow Steven Lester.

Belgin Yucelen Clothes From the Past

Belgin Yücelen – Clothes From the Past

Clark Hulings Fund Fellow Belgin Yücelen has an upcoming solo show at the Customs House Museum in Clarksville. This installation of sculptural garments, entitled Clothes From the Past, will feature stunning pieces like […]

Gregg Chadwick - Suspicion (Elvis Presley)

Gregg Chadwick – Elvis Has Left the Building

The L Ross Gallery in Memphis, TN will host the exhibition Elvis Has Left the Building. Three paintings by Clark Hulings Fund Fellow Gregg Chadwick will be featured, including Pink […]

Who am I - Belgin Yucelen

Belgin Yucelen – Who am I

Ground Floor Gallery hosts the BARED Exhibit: The Art of Bras & Breasts, featuring nineteen artists for the month of August 2017. Clark Hulings Fund Fellow Belgin Yucelen‘s bronze piece […]