Collaboration by Blake Conroy + Vicco van Voss

Blake Conroy – Symbiosis

“Symbiosis” is the result of a collaboration between CHF Accelerator Fellow Blake Conroy, whose medium is often metal, woodworker Vicco von Voss, and Sara Bakken, who works with fabric and […]

DC Workshop

Art-Business Conference – Washington DC

If you’re a visual artist in the mid-Atlantic US, drive your career forward at our metro DC Art-Business Conference. Connect with your peers as you learn how to build a business plan, price your work for profit, and develop a brand story. Art is a business, and artists should run it; CHF helps you do that.

Black and white by Blake Conroy

Blake Conroy – Beginnings

The Massoni Art Gallery in Chesterton hosts Beginnings, a group exhibit featuring thirteen artists. This show developed from the gallery’s communication with artists about what was capturing their attention, be it […]

Laux_The Part of the Landscape Desk and Chair_01_1600x150

Aaron Laux – American Craft Show, Baltimore

The American Craft Council hosts the American Craft Show in Baltimore, Maryland this February 23-25th. This is an opportunity to see and purchase crafts from over 650 artisans who specialize […]

Elizabeth Hollingsworth (cafe) by Blake Conroy

Blake Conroy – Kindred: Celebrating Our Ancestors

The Annemarie Sculpture Garden and Art Center hosts the upcoming exhibit Kindred: Celebrating Our Ancestors. This show examines the connections we create through family and friends, and how those connections […]