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Sharon Crute

Sharon Crute

Sharon Crute

2019 Accelerator Fellow

Horses epitomize grace and athleticism, and inspire dreamlike passion, yet they are also powerful and dangerous. Sharon Crute vividly portrays this duality, increasing our appreciation for their complex natures.

Business Objective

Become the preeminent artist within the equine genre by 2021. Produce artwork that is sought after by influential collectors and organizations, resulting in a significant increase in recognition and revenue.

Action Plan
  • Seek out opportunities to exhibit artwork and participate in equine-related events.
  • Proceed with planned multimedia project.
  • Seek sponsorship for multimedia project.
  • Pursue additional opportunities to boost recognition, including residencies with high-profile organizations.
Sales Strategy

Target horse-related educational institutions and businesses, pitching them multimedia installations for exhibition.

factory window - Sharon Crute