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Nadia Fairlamb

Nadia Fairlamb headshot
"Another way of saying 'Aloha': If we don't work together, we're sunk. My entry point is working with what's in front of us–whatever is authentic to a specific place."

Nadia Fairlamb

2018 Executive Fellow

Nadia Fairlamb drives home the necessity of living in harmony with our environment and each other by filling specific environments with art that’s authentic to those places and their people. A prosperous future requires cooperation and efficient use of resources, and that begins with respect for who and what is in front of us—our individual communities, local resources, revered places, cultural contexts—ourselves and each other. Nadia’s work embodies “Aloha,” her work immerses us in it, and demonstrates how to practice it ourselves in our own communities and lives.

Business Objective

Increase prices, profit margins and impact by collaborating with interior designers, and commercial developers—an audience that can commission substantial, complex pieces. Undertake work in additional media to create pieces that are more easily transportable, and that “cross-pollinate themes.” Create and disseminate art with her students, to illustrate the power of art to build confidence and community.

Year 1 Accomplishments

Nadia sold two of her highest-priced artworks to date. The piece she donated to the Surfrider Foundation’s annual fundraiser was the most popular item in the silent auction, and she capitalized on the opportunity to promote her business at the event. When she pitched her IGP at a leadership course in San Diego, one of the facilitators was so moved by her confidence and message that she immediately wrote her a check for $1,000. Nadia also began teaching art to youth several days per week, aiming not only to impart skills, but also the concept of art as a profession.

Year 2 Plans

With the goal of increasing the extendability of her work by creating pieces that cross pollinate and share the same theme. but have different price points, are more transportable, etc., Nadia is expanding back into other forms of art and media. She is also honing her message to individual investors, and considering ways to demonstrate impact, and tie together the teaching and professional sides of her practice.

Next Up

This quarter, Nadia is focusing on sales, on getting in front of the people, companies and organizations with locations where she wants her art to be. She is tapping her networks to reach decision-makers, and it is already paying off, with an upcoming solo show at a high-end Honolulu restaurant, and a commission for a local commercial development.

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Nadia Fairlamb with sander
With the Sander
Wave Mandala #2 by Nadia Fairlamb
Wave Mandala #2