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Kristin LeVier

Kristin LeVier headshot
"Whereas science uncovers the depth & complexity of the world, art communicates it persuasively. I share the laboratory lens by sculpting the wonders of nature."

Kristin LeVier

2018 Executive Fellow

As an MIT-trained molecular biologist, Kristin LeVier used her scientific lens to uncover the depth and complexity of our world. Now a studio artist, she exploits our capacity for curiosity to deliver her scientific wisdom to us immediately and viscerally. By employing the same detailed protocols honed in the lab to create her sculptures, Kristin shows us what she sees: a remarkable, well-ordered system full of solutions and insights essential to our existence—and prompts us to look more closely at the tiniest details of the fantastically rich and beautiful world all around us.

Business Objective

Definitively transform her studio practice into a thriving art career that delivers innovative work exploring the intersection of art and science to an engaged, international audience. By targeting those interested in science, medicine and natural history, through speaking engagements, and deliberate placement of her work, Kristin will increase exposure and demand.

Year 1 Accomplishments

After just a few months in the CHF Accelerator, Kristin made more sales than she had the previous year. She professionalized her art business and greatly expanded her social media presence. After creating a LinkedIn account, she was contacted by a gallerist and invited to participate in a group show, and a former lab colleague purchased a major work. To boost direct sales, Kristin now sells through her revamped website and in an Etsy shop. Her increased profile led to exhibits in nine shows across the US. She increased her visibility further by attending the SOFA (Sculptural Objects and Functional Art) fair in Chicago, where she exhibited work, demonstrated woodcarving techniques, spoke on a panel, and volunteered as an assistant gallerist.

Year 2 Plans

Kristin will undertake a marketing and sales initiative, pursuing two target markets: 1. members of the scientific and medical communities who have the resources and inherent interest to collect her work, 2. Patrons and visitors of science and natural history museums, and similar associations and venues, who will acquire reproductions, and ancillary products.

Next Up

Major research into additional media; acquire new studio skills (casting, digital fabrication) to increase her artmaking efficiency and output to meet projected demand; outreach via talks and demonstrations at museums and conferences about the intersection of art and science; broad application for grants and residencies to support her development and visibility.

  • Supporters Interested In:

    Science, Molecular Biology, Medicine, Natural History

Kristin LeVier carving in shop
Carving in the shop
Undulata by Kristin LeVier
Undulata by Kristin LeVier