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Kara Maria

Kara Maria Headshot

Kara Maria

2019 Accelerator Fellow

Human activity is causing the mass extinction of plants and animals at an alarming rate. Ultimately, all life is in danger. Kara Maria focuses attention on this important issue by creating miniature portraits of disappearing species that are tucked into abstract paintings.

Business Objective

Exhibit paintings and works on paper at art museums and galleries, nationally and internationally.

Action Plan
  • Schedule solo exhibitions in art museums and galleries.
  • Produce a catalogue that documents her endangered-animal series.
  • Build relationships with people who work at the intersection of art and the environment.
Sales Strategy

Pursue relationships with galleries and art consultants to sell originals, and generate additional revenue through commissions, licensing agreements, and digital reproductions.

Kara Maria Working
Kara Maria So Solve the Mystic Sun
So Solve the Mystic Sun