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Juliana Coles

Juliana Coles headshot
"At the heart of my expression I am a story teller, gathering fragments to create a greater whole through provocative mixed media works that layer text with figures."

Juliana Coles

2018 Entrepreneur Fellow

Juliana exposes the underbelly of the collective unconscious. Her art is a raw investigative expression of a personal reality that is continually interrupted by epileptic seizures, which interfere with recall and concrete memory. Beginning with the figure, and adding handwritten narrative, Juliana employs her mixed media painting style to archive her fragmented past and create order for herself. In so doing, she delivers to her audience a laser-sharp lens through which to view the historical and social events of our time.

Support herself as an artist with special needs; reach a broader audience. Broadcast the incredible and unique contribution that she is making because of her disability, rather than in spite of it.

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Juliana Coles holding journal featuring painting of her mom
Juliana Coles: painting of her mother
Unlandscaped Landscape by Juliana Coles
Unlandscaped Landscape