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Gonzalo Fuenmayor

Gonzalo Fuenmayor headshot Accelerator Fellow (2017, 2014)

“The greatest challenge I face in my current art practice is to keep my integrity as an artist while running a business. I hope the Business Accelerator Program provides the tools and knowledge to enhance my business practice in order to free up space and time to be creative and active as an artist and creator.”

“If I make a decision which may have the potential of bringing some temporary financial relief, I often ask myself if I am compromising my work or my integrity. If I am concerned in keeping the work ‘pure,’ free of any external pressure, I often find myself struggling financially. It is a constant negotiation.”

Originally from Colombia, Gonzalo Fuenmayor has worked in painting and photography, but he is most known for his charcoal drawings, which in their precision resemble black-and-white photographs. His recent pieces have examined ideas of dislocation, exoticism, and cross-cultural identity. Gonzalo was named a finalist for our program in 2014.

To learn more about Gonzalo, listen to our podcast interview.

(Based in Miami, FL;

Apocalypse Magnus by Gonzalo Fuenmayor
Apocalypse Magnus by Gonzalo Fuenmayor