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Calvin Lai

Calvin Lai headshotAccelerator Fellow (2017)

“I think everyone holds the incorrect belief that art and business are two separate entities. Many artists have been infected with the idea that living an artist’s life is living a life of poverty. A lot of artists do not want to associate with the word ‘business’ because we’ve been taught that art and business cannot coexist. This is a damaging and incorrect perception. An artist needs to create opportunities, and a better understanding of business enables one to take greater control towards opening up those roads.”

“Through the Business Accelerator Program, I hope to learn better business methods in order to become more appealing and marketable to a higher level of art collectors, museums, and galleries. I hope to gain and refine the skills necessary to build my audience and keep their interest.”

Painter Calvin Lai has mostly focused on portraiture and figurative work, but he is also exploring landscapes and cityscapes. He tries to bridge the gap between realism and what he views as a more expressive style of painting, one that incorporates impressionistic elements.

(Based in San Francisco, CA;

Edge by Calvin Lai
Edge by Calvin Lai