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Bethany Taylor

Bethany Taylor
"Each day we will touch 100 printed objects. Most of anything we touch in any given day is disposable–made without intentionality or craft. The instant and valueless prevails. I make art so the ephemeral does not leave us unprepared for future uncertainty."

Bethany Taylor

2018 Entrepreneur Fellow

Bethany practices the 600-year old art of letterpress printmaking, setting antique type one letter at a time, hand carving images and hand cranking presses. The result is work that holds up to the hand and the future. Each piece bears the marks of a manual process, making it original, unique, irreducible, and irreplaceable. Bethany, who grew up planting garden crops, stacking wood, and restoring a log cabin, teaches a swath of eager interns to transfer that same intentionality to their work, so that the craft persists. Collectors of her work are investing in the tangible, the timeless, and the sustainability of craft for all of us.

By November 18, 2018, I will have at least one children's book published. I will submit two completed children's books and supplemental materials to 5 publishers that meet my criteria while completing and outfitting my studio, Interpunct Press. The studio is essential to the production using my very specialized printmaking method, letterpress.

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Bethany Taylor carving image of herself and her son into linoleum block-brighter
Bethany carving an image into a linoleum block
Spokane River by Bethany Taylor
Spokane River by Bethany Taylor (mixed media)