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Aaron Laux

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"We’re outnumbered by bland, single-serving designs and surrounded by non-aesthetic artifacts. That absence of beauty impoverishes us while our bridges to the natural world disintegrate. That's why I make this art–to walk in beauty."

Aaron Laux

2018 Entrepreneur Fellow

Aaron weds fine art aesthetics with biophilic design to create objects of art that restore the focal point of life to the harmony, wellbeing, and peace nature’s own forms and materials encourage. Aaron doesn’t ask us to depart from the world but galvanizes us to “walk in beauty”, embracing the life, creativity, and intelligence that straddles art and design and defies the conventional boundary between art and craft.

Business Objective

Three major commissions for corporate or public spaces by 2020. These will raise the profile of Aaron’s work, get his message out to a much larger audience, and achieve his ongoing mission to bring a sense of connection with the natural world through art and design, and by doing so, change behaviors that negatively impact it.

Year 1 Accomplishments

I have been trying to take a moment to revel in the fact that I have not traveled once this summer for an art fair and yet I am continuing to generate income! This is what I wanted and now I have it. I am really happy about this.

Year 2 Plans

The road map for the next 12 months includes at least one proposal per month for new corporate/public commission opportunities.-Improved efficiency in creating high quality proposals, allowing for more time in the execution of deliverables. -Tracking of business practices including marketing, sales and commissions, through social media and CRM metrics.

Next Up

Aaron is adding 20+ artworks to Saatchi on going and looking into a device that will allow him to shoot quality video in time lapse and other studio images. He'll also photograph and promote the Franklin School artwork and write the project proposal for Phoenix from the Ashes and negotiate the proposed permanent site.

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    Public Art, Commercial Applications, Interior Design, Biophilic Art, Environmentally Conscious Art

Aaron Laux
Aaron cuttting his own materials
Waters Pathway by Aaron Laux