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Develop Your Core Brand Story

What does your art say to the public? Do you have a strong message that utilizes story structure to clearly convey why your work is important, and why people must […]

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Make a Bold Statement – May 2018 newsletter

Maximize Your Audience Reach Marketing, sales, and general business management can be daunting at any stage of your career. Few working artists have a team behind them to figure it […]

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Build a Brand That Gets a Response – Jenny Darroch

“The thing that trips students up the most is embracing that a commercial approach to art is OK.”

Justin and John of Artwork Archive

Artwork Archive

In this Spotlight On interview, we check in with Artwork Archive Co-Founder Justin Anthony about what’s developing in the art management sector. We interviewed your co-founder, John Feustel, in 2015. What’s […]

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How an Art Institution Can Help You Develop the Business Plan – CHF Interviews Frank Juliano

Frank Juliano is an exceptional storyteller. As Executive Director of Reeves-Reed Arboretum, his high standards for the garden, exhibited art, and educational programs aim to elevate how visitors experience nature. […]