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Organizations & Companies

Opportunities to Collaborate with CHF

CHF knocks down the art world’s long-entrenched silos and connects industry leaders with artists and each other for the benefit of all. We collaborate directly with organizations and companies—including arts councils and nonprofits, business associations, corporations and small businesses, foundations, galleries and museums, government agencies, and local economic development groups—to achieve shared goals and amplify our messages. If you want to reach artists and improve the business of art, we're ready to work with you.

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Organizational Collaboration

Multiply Your Impact

Organizational Collaboration

Team up with CHF to deliver high-quality learning content—online or in-person—that can help you grow your membership, increase your revenue, and achieve your mission.

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Promotional Opportunities

Reach Your Target Audience

Promotional Opportunities

CHF offers a range of sponsorship options that will help you reach the right people and deliver your message effectively and efficiently.