Lisa Scotchguard

Marginalized Peoples
"We need to slow down and pay attention to people. We don’t know what people’s lives are like."

Lisa Scotchguard

Featured Artist

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With subjects ranging from transgender individuals to homeless communities, Lisa creates artwork to raise awareness and understanding of those living in a marginalized or underrepresented society. Her creations focus on topics such as race, sex, gender, religion, and poverty. 

"I want to change the world. I don’t want to create decorative paintings that someone buys because it'll look great in their home. I want to inspire future generations to be the best they can be in all aspects of their life."

Business Objective

I want a career showing other people the people we rarely see or interact with, because they don't fit the normal mold. I plan to sell that work as digital art through e-commerce, which involves building an email list to keep everyone informed of latest work and shows (I'm up to 10K subscribers), as well as doing virtual shows in social media. I am creating paintings of drag queens, people of color, and the homeless—all the marginalized people you'd imagine. I intend to build a body of work that shows in multiple live and virtual exhibitions as part of a series addressing marginalized people. I've already got some agreements in place, but am seeking to flesh out the exhibit calendar, while I continue to conduct interviews, paint ordinary people, and produce the work for each component of the exhibit.


Lisa has won a variety of awards for her art since 2004, and her work has been displayed in the Makeshift Museum in Los Angeles in 2016, Cleveland Institute of Art in 2008 and 2010,the  U.S. Capitol Building in 2006, Corcoran Gallery in 2005 and 2006, Alliance Gallery in New York in 2006, Lorain County Community College in 2006, and the Diane von Furstenberg Studio in 2005.

Projects and Future Plans

I’m currently working on a large piece about police violence and the corporation of the prison industrial complex. I was really inspired by the documentary “13th,” among others. I’m putting together lots of very complex pieces right now, conceptualizing them. I’ll be traveling to the Portrait Society of America’s annual conference for the first time to learn and meet new people. I’m debating on entering into some international portrait competitions. I have an editorial coming out this month in Whitehot Magazine, which should be really good. They asked some hard questions. I’m working on the design for my new art studio, with construction starting this summer. I’ve outgrown my current space. I’m also starting private figurative sculpture lessons this week. I’m super excited about that so you can expect some great figurative sculptures from me in the near future. I also just got asked to be a guest judge for the first time for an art competition, so it’ll be neat to see the other side of things.


Sculptor, printmaker, installations
Bounder, CO

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Representational Art, Historical Contexts, Futurism, Technology, Sociology, Ancient Greek & Roman

Objectively supply sticky expertise rather than strategic innovation.
Objectively supply sticky expertise rather than strategic innovation.

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