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CHF’s Business Accelerator Program Makes Headlines

Inside Philanthropy-1 crop-with linesCHF made news this week. Our Business Accelerator Program was featured at length by Inside Philanthropy in an article entitled, “Details, Details: The Fund Helping Artists Boost Their Business Acumen.” The online publication covers the philanthropic work of foundations and major donors, and seeks to “explain the world of giving in ways that anyone can understand.”

Mike Scutari’s piece pointed to our assertion that art is a business, and agreed that it’s necessary for visual artists to become more business-minded if they hope to successfully navigate the various communities in which they operate. “The purist in us would argue that ‘art for art’s sake’ is sufficient,” wrote Scutari, “but alas, that isn’t the world we live in.”

To read the full article, visit Inside Philanthropy‘s website.

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