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Welcome to Thriving Tuesdays™

Welcome to Thriving Tuesdays™

CHF strives to deliver education where working artists and creative professionals actually live, work, and hang out—and in multiple, digestible formats, ranging from granular to comprehensive. We do this (currently) through a podcast, digital courses, extended Fellowships, Virtual Conferences, Brown Bag Lunches for peer networking, and now Thriving TuesdaysTM! We kick off Thriving TuesdaysTM this Tuesday, Dec 1st at 2 PM Eastern Time on Facebook Live with CHF’s Creative Director & The Thriving Artist PodcastTM host Daniel DiGriz. “Instagram for Artists: Build A Storied Brand” will address some of these questions:
  • How do you do effective storytelling in Instagram—so you’re consistent but don’t run out of material?
  • What are some models of effective Instagram accounts you can follow that aren’t just more (bare) photos of art?
  • How can you do more effective shoutouts to extend your Instagram network?
  • What demographics can you reach on Instagram, and are they people who can or will ACTUALLY buy your art?
  • What price points are most effective for Instagram art sales?
  • How do you grow your Instagram sales if you’re represented by a gallery?
  • How does it actually WORK? Is there a template for being successful on Instagram?
  • What is the best way to interact with buyers on Instagram?
  • How much work is involved?
  • How do you avoid fraudulent purchases?
This is NOT a comprehensive “class.” It’s a lively presentation with LOTS and LOTS of examples of real-world working artists, some famous, many not, who are selling their work successfully on the Instagram platform. Join us! WHEN: Tuesday, December 1st at 2:00 PM Eastern (and watch for the Thriving Tuesdays series continuing on the first Tuesday of the month!) COST: FREE OPEN: To anyone interested in growing their career as a working artist or creative professional. RSVP: on the Facebook Event, add it to your professional calendar, remember any time zone difference, and follow our page: so you receive notice of future events. To be doubly sure, sign up for our email list. Stay tuned for more! We’ll be hosting a free Thriving TuesdaysTM event on the first Tuesday of the month. Each “Vidchat” in the series is for creative professionals and working artists, and will be led by one of CHF’s instructors: Daniel DiGriz (Brand Story & Marketing), Carolyn Edlund (Sales Strategy), Elizabeth Hulings (Career Blueprint). Topics will focus on a pain point or concrete solution in building an art business or creative professional career.
Join us for CHF’s Virtualize Your Career™ Conference from wherever you are

CHF 2020 Virtualize Your Art Career™ Conference for Artists

This is the ideal time to focus on your business. There are incredible opportunities for artists who go virtual right now. It’s time to do something fun for yourself, meet people, grow, and get out of your shell. Join us digitally for the CHF 2020 Virtualize Your Art CareerTM Conference for Artists October 19th-30th. The Conference is eight sessions of virtual interactive learning for creative professionals, delivered by seasoned business leaders through live streaming video and digital chat. Visit our Conference Hub for details, schedule, and registration. The new normal is here to stay: the culture won’t ever go back to 2019. This is a moment for your business to pivot and thrive: the virtual world is prospering! As one of our partners said recently in a podcast interview: “Artists really have to fend for themselves. And it's not hard. It's a social event; it’s belonging to a community.” —Eric Sparre.
A person gazing at the night sky: the possibilities are endless for artists

A World Alive with Possibilities for Artists: SWAIA Virtual Market & Beyond

What works about the new normal?

As someone committed to CHF, you’re at the vanguard of a fast-moving arts community. We’re all in the middle of virtualizing. Everyone has gone from pandemic panic, to Zoom fatigue, and back. But as we roll out our yoga mats to stretch online, meet our friends for happy hour on Skype, or book a video consult with our doctors, we’re starting to realize this is a world alive with possibilities. Suddenly, geography is not a barrier. The virtual world is a powerful tool that will serve us long-term, and it’s not going anywhere.

We’re excited about the enhanced possibilities for connection. We’re opening up even richer opportunities for learning and collaboration for visual artists & makers—and the organizations that serve them. CHF is co-producing the Virtual Santa Fe Indian Market with SWAIA and partnering with Artspan to produce artists’ websites. CHF is offering cutting-edge art-business training to hundreds of Native American artists. This is a groundbreaking collaboration with the best possible partners, and we launched August 1st.
Santa Fe Virtual Indian Market Poster by Adrian Standing Elk Pinnecoose
Poster art by Adrian Standing Elk Pinnecoose
Our Digital Campus just got a huge upgrade: it’s a lighter, faster, more powerful experience with a continually growing library of courses in nine curriculum areas. It’s still free to register for your first nine courses and access the shiny new online community, and full access is still less than a Netflix subscription. Stay tuned: we’ll be telling you even more... We’re proud to preview our October conference: Virtualize Your Career TM—Thriving in the New Normal: an 8-session series for working artists focusing on Career Blueprint, Sales Strategy, Brand Narrative, and Peer Networking. Supported by data on artists' career needs, aspirations, and capabilities, with a proven track record of success, this conference is bound to change lives, boost local economies, and positively represent our partners. The current class of Executive Fellows in our Art-Business Accelerator is getting 1:1 consulting on an ongoing, virtual basis and actively moving forward. Robin Holder recently shared her powerful, civil-rights focused work to accompany two CHF articles. Steven Lester was just featured in the United States Sports Academy article about his Jesse Owens “Race Against Hate” painting in his Olympic Spirit series. It’s essential that artists build professional networks with one another and with gallerists and collectors—so expanding the virtual space and offering even more possibilities for meaningful connections is a natural next step. Our new Facebook platform for The Thriving Art Exchange is set up to meet the growing demand!

Black Lives Matter in the Art & Business Worlds

we shall not be moved, by Robin Holder
we shall not be moved, by Robin Holder
Black Lives Matter. As we continue to engage in an essential dialogue about Civil Rights, at CHF, we’re also thinking about how this conversation applies to the art and business worlds. How does economic inequality play out in the arts ecosystem? Given that the kind of entrepreneurial training we do at CHF represents part of the solution, how can we address the specific entrepreneurial challenges involved in overcoming systemic racism? In the business world in general, The Case Foundation cites that only 1% of Venture Capital-based businesses have an African American founder, and yet companies in the top percentages for racial and ethnic diversity are 35 percent more likely to have better financial returns than national industry medians. The existing research in Inclusive Entrepreneurship shows us that there are still gaps between merit and opportunity. This makes sense given the wildly inequitable historical precedent that caused this, but as Americans, we’re often slow to realize that as much as we value being self-made, it’s hard to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps if you have no boots. That argument has a limit. We have a cultural mystique about who an entrepreneur is, and that their accomplishments somehow exist independently of who we are collectively: which families inherit wealth and own property, qualify for loans and mortgages, have access to education, clean water and food, health care, safety, self-worth, networks, and respect from other people...these matter profoundly. Class mobility is definitely possible in our society and hard work can be a key factor, but it’s a steep slope, and the more privilege built into our circumstances and racial and gender identities, the more we tend to fail to see the slope. And then there are the specific ways that artists enter the conversation. Artists are in a unique position to innovate, to show us their perspectives, and to give voice to their experiences. How are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) artists leading the dialogue, and how can we best amplify their work to ensure it reaches its target audience? We can teach artists the business skills to ensure that their careers are successful and sustained over their lifetimes—and to put themselves and their own vision at the center of their strategy rather than waiting for the endorsement and support of a gatekeeper. Artists continue to be visible advocates for social justice. Black muralists and illustrators are creating art that is alive in the spotlight of outdoor spaces and social media, showing artists’ ability to teach, challenge, and heal. The controversy over confederate and colonial sculptures is an incredible testament to the power of representation, reminding us of art’s influence over how we perceive our history. When those statues come down, what art, and whose perspectives and agendas will be represented? What does this next group of artists have to say to us about where we’re headed? There is huge potential in this moment for artists to partner with communities to guide us as we move forward. Read Elizabeth Hulings’ latest Director’s View “Creativity is Leading the Way” with co-author Penelope Thomas, with our thanks to CHF Art-Business Accelerator Fellow Artist Robin Holder—who is most definitely leading the way!—for the use of images of her work.

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Turn Working Artists into Thriving Artists

Art-Business Fellowships

Art-Business Fellowships

Art-Business Fellowships

The CHF Art-Business Accelerator Program is an intensive and interactive business-education program for working artists. Fellows plan pivotal business projects, produce an Investment-Grade Proposal, and acquire a business skill set that's designed to serve them throughout their careers.

Art-Business Summit

Boots-on-the-Ground Education

Boots-on-the-Ground Education

CHF partners with art and business organizations that have a strong presence in a geographic area to bring face-to-face entrepreneurial learning to working artists where and when they need it most. The result is a growing network of partners and resources that ensures widespread reach for crucial labs, workshops, and training.

Digital Learning Portal

Self-Directed Digital Learning

Self-Directed Digital Learning

CHF's Digital Learning Portal provides education in formats that working artists already consume. Portable podcasts, expert columns, and how-to videos are here. More detailed and structured Accelerator learning modules are available by registration.

Learning Communities

Learning Communities

Learning Communities

Like sticks in a bundle, artists are stronger together. The Artist Federation is a growing professional peer network of visual artists that's managed by artists. Individual chapters engage in skill and referral exchanges, joint entrepreneurial learning, and organization to achieve and maintain centrality in their industry.

Featured Profiles

Executive Fellows in the Art-Business Accelerator

Gregg Chadwick
Executive Fellow

Gregg paints trains and cars with historic significance. It's not just a love for things that move; Gregg sees the incredible draw of these subjects as entry points for collectors who might otherwise be alienated by the tiles and splatters of post-modern aesthetics. There's a whole world of would-be fine art lovers and aesthetes for whom physical objects tied to place and time are a door. [profile]

Willy Bo Richardson
Executive Fellow

Willy puts art in commercial spaces. But how many times do people walk by a framed painting, barely looking? By contrast, how often do people sit in a busy lobby to study art on a pedestal? Willy deletes the distractions–not of the space, but of the trappings of 'artness'. By implanting fine art as fabrics, he produces the full effect and experience of fine art emerging from the space itself, sans the stiff presentation. [profile]

Nadia Fairlamb
Executive Fellow

Nadia uses what's in front of her and teaches others to do the same. Her work is aimed at hospitality and commercial spaces that are interested in local themes (what's in front of you) and art that utilizes locally sourced materials. This is part of Nadia's theorum that the world's success depends on working together and that depends on working first with who and what you see. [profile]

Kristin LeVier
Executive Fellow

Kristin uses the detailed research methods of a molecular biologist to produce wood and metal sculptures that are vastly detailed but elegantly simple, and which connect us to the extraordinary, strange beauty of the natural world. [profile]

Belgin Yucelen
Executive Fellow

Belgin combines ancient aesthetics with high tech tools & processes to address a core issue–what kind of future we want. As cycles of innovation accelerate, we rapidly replace past achievements but, in the process, risk increasing alienation from the civilizations from which we've emerged and polarization toward each other. Just watch the news. [profile]

Blake Conroy
Executive Fellow

Blake exposes the absolute uniqueness of seemingly identical things, so we will care about them. We don't fight hard enough to save things we regard as mere forms or perceive as simply "one of" something. Blake uses layers to unmask otherwise hidden particularities in living things–debunking the notion that every sunflower, cornfield, or monarch butterfly is interchangeable. [profile]

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CHF's Impact

Transforming Artists' Careers

Gregg Chadwick - Painter

"I have more confidence as an artist and my sales have increased dramatically this quarter."

- Gregg Chadwick
2018 Executive Fellow
Nadia Fairlamb headshot

"My sales have significantly improved because of all of the work I have done with CHF."

- Nadia Fairlamb
2018 Executive Fellow
Kristin LeVier headshot

"I had more sales in the past two months than in all of last year. I am so grateful to be part of this."

- Kristin LeVier
2018 Executive Fellow

2018 Artist Impact Data

CHF Art-Business Accelerator Program


Increased Their Total Art Income


View Their Art as Their Primary Income Source


Increased Their Prices or Profit Margins

Source: CHF 2018 Annual Report

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Why Clark Hulings

The Quintessential Artist-Entrepreneur

Clark Hulings - Master Painter

The keys to Hulings’ success form a template for how a working artist thrives. The ingredients were the integrity of his craft, the brilliance of personal vision, his refusal to compromise on the essentials, and an unwavering understanding of the fact that, as a professional artist, he was running a business.

Practice Areas

CHF’s educational programs utilize the very practice areas that were key to Hulings’ success, including Sales Strategy, Financial Competence, Marketing from the Brand Narrative, Technology, and Peer Networks.

See Examples

The Examples

For insight into the ingredients of Hulings' success as a working artist, and for stories—from how he took on the unjust taxation of artists, and how he negotiated a vendor relationship with galleries, to how he got an interfering creative director removed from a project—dig deeper into the Example of Clark Hulings or the Career Blueprint Of Clark Hulings.