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An Ancient French Farmhouse

Escouderc, France

Ancient French Farmhouse

The hamlet of Escouderc, in South Central France, is three hours from anywhere. Escouderc is part of the slightly larger village of Saint Paul des Landes, which has a population of almost 2,000 people. My father thought it was just spectacular — a bonanza of subject matter. He spent many days exploring the area, and painted a lot of plein air sketches, as well as a few large studio compositions, of which this is one. Archival print, limited edition, signed is 17.25x28".

The Lonely Man


art business education

With its subtle color values and it's meditative subject, The Lonely Man is a unique Hulings piece. Your eye is invited to move in a sweeping circle from the upper left corner, to the man, to the tree. This painting has examples of multiple techniques and influences, from the Jackson Pollock splatter of the spiked tree branches, to Thomas Moran in the smooth mists over the water and mountains. Archival print, limited edition, signed and numbered is 17x26.5".

Ile de la Cité

Paris, France

Clark Hulings

Ile de la Cité Flower Market has existed in Paris since 1830 so, had you walked through it 180 years ago, you might have seen it like this. Clark Hulings consistently added current touches to traditional settings–the two yellow plastic buckets under the table, cars on the street to the right. Time marches on. In all the complex detail of the flowers and the reflection of the rainwater on the ground, yellow and purple are the star colors here. Hydrangeas in the lower right frame the signature. Archival print, limited edition, signed is 16x24".

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Archival Print - Clark Hulings
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Art is a business and artists should run it.

Art is at risk: In the current art market, everyone profits except the artist. When the professional careers of artists are unsustainable, the future of visual art itself becomes uncertain. Less than 1/3 of working artists now fully support themselves with their art.

The seeds of thriving entrepreneurs are there: Artists routinely plan and implement complicated projects requiring trade skills like engineering, general business skills like vendor management, and specialized application of knowledge like logistics. Artists are also natural communicators, uniquely positioned to attract and activate an audience.

CHF provides a tangible solution: We teach visual artists to apply all of this talent, experience and hard-earned expertise to create thriving, self-sustaining businesses that contribute meaningfully to the economy and create jobs for the artist and others.

Your gift fortifies a business and fills the world with art: CHF's incredibly active programs of digital education, in-person education, and graduate fellowships provide working artists the opportunity to solidify control of their own destinies, without having to stop working. It's not 'learn, then launch'; it's learning in the real marketplace, with their own skin in the game, making every move count.