Waiting, by Edgar Degas

Eye of the Beholder

“…Beauty does not reserve itself for special elite moments or instances … The grace of hidden beauty becomes our joy and our sanctuary.” —John O’Donohue, Beauty: The Invisible Embrace I’ve […]

Your next big Art project

Your Next Big Art Project? Your Business.

The great writer and philosopher Henry David Thoreau once said, “The world is but a canvas to our imaginations,” and these words still resonate for me. As an artist, my […]

CHF 2015 Annual Report

CHF 2015 Annual Report

View our just-released 2015 Annual Report for highlights of last year’s achievements, including: Our largest group of grant recipients ever The launch of our educational podcast series Our expanded e-learning portal Free […]

Concentration by Clark Hulings

The Financial Secrets of Rich Kids

“What are the rich kids doing that I’m not?” I was asked this question last fall at a “Business of Art” workshop I was leading, after I’d invited participants to […]

Leonardo Da Vinci cross bow sketch

Technology Serves Artists

Technology has changed our lives dramatically—we communicate, learn, shop, and unwind in all kinds of newfangled ways—so it’s no surprise that it’s also had a huge impact on the world […]

Valencia Peddler, Clark Hulings

Art is Not a Charity

I grew up in a middle-class household, and my father happened to be a successful visual artist who worked out of his home studio, sometimes at 3:00 am. If you […]

Forecasting a Brighter Future for Artists

Forecasting a Brighter Future for Artists

In a recent article for ArtSpace, Andrew M. Goldstein surveyed a wide array of art professionals to solicit their 2016 prognostications for the art world. Representing a cross-section of the […]


Patronage, Not Parentage

In a recent blog post for Americans for the Arts, Sofia Perez, the editorial director of the Clark Hulings Fund, wrote about the shrinking hoops that artists must jump through […]

Americana Feast by Robert C. Jackson

Don’t Go It Alone

The work life of a visual artist can be a solitary one. It’s an individual profession where most of the work is done alone in a studio. Even when there […]

Hot Springs

How Community Connections Are Good for Business

Working in the arts comes with some pretty fantastic perks, not the least of which is being surrounded by incredible professionals doing incredible things. We are a community, a word […]

The Mill, Egon Schiele

Knocking Down Walls

Is the art-world pendulum once again swinging back toward realism? When asked about this for a recent Artspace article, Bill Arning, the director of Houston’s Contemporary Arts Museum, made the case […]

Salmagundi Club May 20thh event-Oil-painting-The-Art-Collection(1)

Appraising Your Artwork for Artists & Collectors – Interview with Caitlin Kelly

As an appraiser of fine art at Frenkel & Company, a New York-based international insurance broker, Caitlin Kelly works with everyone from artists and gallerists to auctioneers, art advisors, and […]


Balancing Art and Business Across Cultures – Krystii Melaine

When a four-year old Krystii Melaine declared to her family that she would someday become a painter, little did she imagine what that statement might actually entail. But as a […]

Album Cover, Clark Hulings

Shake, Rattle & Roll

Disruption. It’s a word we’ve been hearing a lot these days to describe companies that are changing the way business is done in the collaborative or “sharing” economy. The dictionary […]

art grants

Anatomy of the Business Accelerator Grant for Artists

An accelerator lets you lay on the gas and move your career forward. The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists’ Business Accelerator Grant lets you take control of your business and drive […]

Louisiana Shack, Clark Hulings

Rising Rents: The Ripple Effect For Artists and Communities

What happens when artists can no longer afford their studios? The question was raised in a recent New York Times article (“Priced Out of Brooklyn“), which described sculptor Gabriel Koren’s struggle […]

Pricing Your Art: What a Big Mac can Teach You About Value

Pricing Your Art: What a Big Mac can Teach You About Value

In college, I was fascinated to learn about the “Big Mac Index,” an economic index that tracked the price of McDonald’s famed sandwich in various countries around the world. (I’m […]


Money and Art: The Beautiful Paradox

Seth Godin recently wrote: “You can keep track of what you get in return, or you can make art.” As a great admirer of Seth Godin’s work, this quote stirred […]

Time Out for a Coke

Time Out for a Coke

Well, it’s July. We have entered the second half of the year, and it’s time to review, adjust course and then spring back into action for the next six months. […]

MoMA's Wall 1

MoMA’s Wall

Beauty can be found even in a garbage cart and an old crone picking at her ultimate tooth   –  A Gallery of Paintings by Clark Hulings Casa Suecia, Clark Hulings 1968 […]

June 2015 Clark Hulings Fund newsletter

It Takes A Village…

It’s midsummer, one of my favorite times of the year. Everything is lush and green, the days are long and warm, and the markets are full of fresh produce (those […]

Salmagundi Club May 20thh event-Oil-painting-The-Art-Collection(1)

Event Recap: Fresh Perspectives on Collecting Art: A Panel Discussion for Collectors and Arts Professionals

On Wednesday, May 20, 2015 The Salmagundi Club, in partnership with The Clark Hulings Fund For Visual Artists, presented Fresh Perspectives on Collecting Art: A Panel Discussion for Collectors and […]

Movement - Waves, Dorian Vallejo

Trending Values

In last week’s edition of Fine Art Today (the weekly e-newsletter of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine), editor Jeffrey Carlson reports on a new exhibit of works on paper at Portraits, Inc. […]

May 2015 newsletter- outline

It’s A New Day So Time For A New Way!

  Welcome to summer! I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day. May has been full of ups and downs for The Clark Hulings Fund (par for the course for […]