Robert C. Jackson

Becoming a Five-Day-a-Week Artist – Robert C. Jackson

“Most artists never talk about business and, as a result, most artists never make a living from their art.”

Cheryl Gross

The Catch-22: Mixing Media & Crossing Genre – Cheryl Gross

“Color within the lines and you get pigeonholed; cross media and genres, and they don’t know where to put you.”

Gonzalo Fuenmayor

Art and The Politics of Geography – Gonzalo Fuenmayor

Gonzalo’s comments on the role of the artist in an emigre environment (and in general) are fascinating.

Laura Petrovich-Cheney

No Separation Between Work and Life – Laura Petrovich-Cheney

“When people sheared sheep 100 years ago, it wasn’t just work, it was their life; work wasn’t a separate thing.” Art and business are like that.

Art Business podcast

Serious Business: Marketing Your Art in a Flat World – Bette Ridgeway & Sue Roderick

Being serious about your business as an artist is more than paperwork; it’s also mindset.

Stephen Zimmerman

More Wall Space: The Collector’s Journey To Connoisseurship – Stephen Zimmerman

“Anyone with a genuine interest at any economic level can acquire a collection.”

Jane Robinson

Stripping Down to Your Soul and Selling Art Like Hotcakes – Jane Robinson

Building your brand without sacrificing your craft requires both finding your public and going deep into the artist.

Frank Juliano

Art Curation and Curriculum – Frank Juliano

Frank makes it his mission to bring innovation and community building to all aspects of the Arboretum’s programming and operation.

Kristin Gary

Planning the Future of Your Art – Kristin Gary

Waiting until the future to think about the future is a mistake.

carolyn edlund

The Enviable Lifestyle of the Working Artist – Carolyn Edlund

Carolyn’s emphasis on the lifestyle of the artist as one of glamour and freedom is insightful and balanced by the call for creating a skill set to further one’s deepest professional aspirations.

Tim Kennedy - large format art pieces

Funding the Well Defined Art Project – Tim Kennedy

Tim helps us understand what it’s like being a visual artist in a photographic world and how to leverage relationships and write effective grant proposals to obtain funding.

Making It in Business as an Artist

“Making It” as an Artist in Business – Brandon Kralik

Brandon helps us understand how, exactly, one “makes it” in business as an artist.

Art Education

Genre Boundaries, Gallery Opportunities – Philip Koch

In this episode, Philip talks about the significance of genre/style for an artistic career, and the business end (selling things) via galleries and dealers.

Artist Financial

Impact of Financial Literacy on Artistic Purity – EG Luttrull

Elaine provides insights on the types of financial decisions that directly impact the purity of one’s art!

Jim Grace, Executive Director of the Arts & Business Council.

Estate Planning for Artists and Collectors – Jim Grace

It’s OK to suffer for our art, but we don’t want it to make others suffer.

Artwork Archive for Artists & Collectors - John Feustel

Artwork Archive for Artists & Collectors – John Feustel

John’s solution takes the worry and hassle out of cataloging a visual artist or art collector’s works/collection, while providing solid financial intelligence and even heat-map based location maps.