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Business Accelerator Workshop: Business Strategy for Artists

The Clark Hulings Fund presents it’s second Business Accelerator Workshop on Business Strategy. This workshop is led by Elizabeth Hulings, CHF Director and Business Strategist.  Her goal is to shake artists out of their business funk and help them find new and creative ways of thinking about their art as a business.

This is the second of an eight-part pilot workshop delivered to the 2015 Business Accelerator Grant Recipients and Finalists. The Business Accelerator Workshop Series provides artists with business training, industry connections, and funding to take their art and business to the next level. As CHF Director Elizabeth Hulings says, “Art is not a charity, and artists deserve every opportunity to earn a living from their work. To do this, business expertise is just as vital as creativity and artistic technique.”

For more information on the Business Accelerator Workshop, please click here.

These workshops are not available to the general public at this time, but if you are interested in attending future CHF Workshops, please email us at:  

How to Sell More Art

Sell More Art

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