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On Our Easel – July 22, 2016

Here are some of the things we’ve been working on over the past two weeks:

From Etsuko Ichikawa's film Echo at Satsop (Photo by Sean Frego; courtesy of Etsuko Ichikawa)
From the film Echo at Satsop (Photo by Sean Frego; courtesy of Etsuko Ichikawa)
  • DEBUNKING THE ART INDUSTRY’S MYTHS. In an engaging Q&A, Daniel DiGriz, the fund’s marketing and educational director, talks about the challenges facing new collectors. He takes issue with the notion that if artists are too popular in their lifetime, their work can’t possibly be any good. “This [idea] just perpetuates a priesthood of people who tell us what we should love,” he says. “As somebody who’s choosing art for himself, I find that offensive.”
  • PRESERVE YOUR ARTISTIC LEGACY. In a recent episode of our Thriving Artist Podcast, Jennifer Cohen urges artists and collectors to think ahead and plan for what will happen to the art they’ve made or own—both the physical works and their copyrights—after they pass away.
  • EVOLVING AS AN ARTIST. In our interview with CHF 2015 grant finalist Etsuko Ichikawa (photo, right), she discusses the challenges of rebranding her art business, collaborating with architects and engineers to create public works, and maintaining her career momentum without losing her soul.
  • PRE-REGISTER FOR OUR GRANTS! If you’re a visual artist, it’s nearly time to apply for our 2017 Business Accelerator Grants. While we won’t be accepting applications until September, you can pre-register now to receive email reminders.

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