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Elizabeth Hulings, CHF Direotor

Elizabeth Hulings

Elizabeth teaches Career Blueprint and advises Art-Business Accelerator Fellows on their pivotal business projects. She is also Director of the Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists.

Mary B. Hulings

Mary B. Hulings

Board of Directors (Emeritus) Mary B. Hulings spent nearly 20 years as the head legal secretary for the advertising giant Young & Rubicam in New York. At a time when there was …

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Thomas Bustamente headshot

Thomas Bustamante

Thomas Bustamante, CFP® has over 30 years of experience in the banking, trust, investments and financial planning industry.

Rachan Chindarsi

Rachan Chindarsi

Audiovisual Editor A multimedia/web-design expert at THE Amazing Duo, Rachan Chindarsi collaborates with clients that are creating positive change in the world, particularly through the promotion of sustainable and conscious …

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Shem Cohen headshot

Shem Cohen

Community Development Director Shem is an Organization Development consultant, facilitator and change agent with deep expertise helping leaders to align, focus, develop and energize organizations to high performance. His work …

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