Trademarks for Small Businesses, Artists, & Creative Professionals with Daniel DiGriz. Nov 2nd, 2pm EDT.

Free, supportive peer networking: reach a wider audience & sell more art.
Oct 15th, 2pm EDT.

Double your impact & give artists the tools to create thriving businesses: thank you Susan & Steven Goldstein!

All you need is a laptop to make your YouTube channel look like CNN.
Special Edition Course.


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Want to take a deep dive into your own art business challenges, with an expert helping to guide the way? Need some help fleshing out a specific strategy or process, or building a proposal? Seeking input that will help you assess, prioritize, make a plan, or actually get moving? Want some feedback on your portfolio, website, or pitch? Get support from our professional team at CHF. We’re here to help.

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carolyn edlund

Carolyn Edlund
CHF’s resident expert in Sales Strategy, Carolyn has worked with hundreds of artists to structure sustainable small businesses, understand potential sales channels, price their work profitably, and build an effective online presence. Expect to receive detailed support with a highly personalized approach. Every power-packed consultation is followed up by a comprehensive email recap and list of next steps.


Elizabeth Hulings
Ready to focus on translating your big-picture goals into actionable steps in your art career? CHF Executive Director Elizabeth Hulings has dedicated nearly three decades to helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and artists see both forest and trees. She will guide you through a personalized business planning session to define and realize the vision you have as an artist entrepreneur. Book a consultation to gain clarity on your overall career as an artist and get granular with specific next steps. Perfect for new business strategy as well as a vehicle for mid-career artists to review, evaluate and reinvigorate their small business.

Alex McAdams

Alex McAdams
CHF’s grant writer, Alex McAdams, has helped secure over a million dollars in funding for nonprofits and one-off art and film projects. She has successfully managed teams of grant writers to submit multi-year government contracts and institutional funding proposals; as well as providing fundraising training for staff and board of directors. Alex’s professional development over the course of the 10+ years she’s been writing grants include training programs such as The Foundation Center’s well-respected course—she brings these skills and tips to each one-on-one consultation. To help ensure direction and efficiency in your search for funding, consultations include a tailored walk-through and comparison of grant databases and other lesser-known resources. Invest in your art and career by booking a consultation: make your creative projects a reality and share them with the world, without draining your own bank account.