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Want to take a deep dive into your own art business challenges using what you’ve learned at an Art-Business Conference or in our Digital Campus? Need some help fleshing out a specific strategy or process, or building a proposal? Time to take a step back, assess, prioritize, make a plan, or actually get moving? Want some feedback on your portfolio, website or pitch? Get support from the experts—we’re here to help.

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carolyn edlund

Carolyn Edlund
CHF’s resident expert in Sales Strategy, Carolyn has worked with hundreds of artists to structure sustainable small businesses, understand potential sales channels, price their work profitably, and build an effective online presence. Every power-packed consultation is followed up by a comprehensive email recap and list of next steps. Get to know Carolyn through our recent Virtualize Your Art Career Pt 1 and Pt 2 podcasts and read her full bio here.

Daniel DiGriz

Elizabeth Hulings
Ready to focus on translating your big-picture goals into actionable steps in your art career? CHF Executive Director Elizabeth Hulings has dedicated nearly three decades to helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and artists see both forest and trees. Read Elizabeth’s bio or her Director’s View columns, or listen to Creating The Middle Class Artist podcast interview—and learn about her personal and professional insights into the connections between creativity and strategy in this Authority Magazine interview.

Daniel DiGriz
Daniel is CHF’s Creative Director & Director of Education: he’s been building websites since there were websites. He has roughly 25 years of experience teaching others how to create effective web collateral. Whether it’s website navigation/UX, effective Instagram profiles, or newsletters and blog posts, you can always learn something useful from him. Read his CHF bio, take a look at his LinkedIn profile, or listen to him as the host of The Thriving ArtistTM podcast.