Welcome Spanish Market Artists

Welcome Spanish Market Artists!

We are excited for you to join us for our Virtualize Your Art Career™ Conference.

The regular price to attend this career-changing event is $200, but thanks to matching funds from The Santa Fe Community Foundation you can pay what you can, starting at as little as $50. If you can manage more, we will use those dollars to support an additional one of your colleagues. Session details are below. We look forward to greeting you on October 17th!

October Virtual Conference

  • Invitation to All 4 Live Workshops (Oct 19, 21, 26 & 28)

    Intensive entrepreneurial education from practice area leaders: Blueprint Your Career (Oct 19), Lay Out Out a Targeted Sales Strategy (Oct 21), Craft an Effective Brand Story (Oct 26), and Create An Action Plan (Oct 28).

  • Invitation to All 4 Live Vidchats (Oct 19, 21, 26 & 28)

    Video presentations accompanied by interactive text-chat with instructors and colleagues. Each live workshop has a same-day vidchat so that you can do a deeper-dive with the presenter and the other artists.

  • Invitation to Live Interviews Oct 22 & 27

    Q&As with art industry experts about the state of the industry; thriving artists share their sales and income strategies (Oct 22). CHF Art-Business Accelerator Artists share how they have succeeded during the pandemic (Oct 27).

  • Invitation to Virtual Sack Lunch on Oct 23

    Facilitated open discussion with peers around topic and tactics for peer-networking. Bring your own bag lunch!

  • Invitation to Virtual Halloween Party on Oct 30

    Dress up, swap videos and selfies, and vote on best-in-show costumes. A chance to let down your (fake) hair with artists and art-industry professionals.

  • Special Access to Recorded Editions of Workshops

    In the CHF Digital Campus. Published post-conference.

  • Other Benefits

    Announced only DURING the conference!

Get a Head Start @ The CHF Digital Campus

So you're registered for the Art Business Conference. That means you've decided to take action on advancing your career. What will you do in the weeks or days leading up to the event? It's strongly encouraged to register for the CHF Digital Campus. You can take a few preliminary courses to get your head in the game, and come to the workshops even more prepared than taking them cold. See Digital Campus.

Meet Your Peers @ The Art-Business Exchange Group

The Art Business Exchange Group on Facebook is a superb way to connect with other artists who are focused on blueprinting and growing their careers. Join the group.

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