Virtualize Your Art Career ™ Conference Schedule You Don't Need to Leave Your Home to Grow Your Business

Sample Virtual Conference Schedule

  • Invitation to All 4 Live Workshops

    Intensive entrepreneurial education from practice area leaders: Blueprint Your Career, Lay Out Out a Targeted Sales Strategy, Craft an Effective Brand Story, and Create An Action Plan.

  • Invitation to All 4 Live Vidchats

    Video presentations accompanied by interactive text-chat with instructors and colleagues. Each live workshop has a same-day vidchat so that you can do a deeper-dive with the presenter and the other artists.

  • Invitation to Live Interviews

    Q&As with art industry experts about the state of the industry; thriving artists share their sales and income strategies.

  • Invitation to Virtual Sack Lunch

    Facilitated open discussion with peers around topic and tactics for peer-networking. Bring your own bag lunch!

  • Invitation to Virtual Closing Party

    A chance to let down your hair, socialize, and celebrate with artists and art-industry professionals.

  • Special Access to Recorded Editions of Workshops

    In the CHF Digital Campus. Published post-conference.

  • Other Benefits

    Announced only DURING the conference!

In-Person Convention Schedule For Public Health Reasons, We Are Conducting All Convention Activities Virtually!

Typical 3-Day Schedule




We’ll start by examining the industry’s current reality, dynamics, and trends. Together, we will discuss how artists, administrators, and other key stakeholders can shape a thriving local art economy that serves all of its members. This interactive process will involve spirited inquiry and dialogue, as we work toward shared goals, values, strategies, and action plans.


In this critical session, we’ll outline scenarios for the industry, clarify and align our desired outcomes, and engage in transformational discussions and exercises to develop a collaborative blueprint for building this better future.


ART-BUSINESS CONFERENCE™: The Artist Entrepreneur


Get at your "why" and turn it into a clearly defined goal that advances your career and gets you more of what you want. Take advantage of the powerful changes in the market that offer new, unique opportunities to thrive.

The solitary entrepreneur is a myth. We don't hunt well alone-at least not for big game. Corporations certainly aren't doing so. Take inventory of your skills, contacts, and the help you need, and learn how you can collaborate with other professionals to grow your career.

The key to effective collaboration is pre-industrial. It is in fact, ancient and tribal. Crowds leverage member strengths and balance needs with contributions to create thriving ecosystems. Build a professional crowd that's resilient and benefits all participants.


Strategically create a body of work that’s designed to be collectible and emotionally resonant, and learn how to add perceived value. Discover turnkey products and the power of niche markets. Explore price point spreads, multiple formats, limited editions, and other ways to increase art sales.

Artists may pursue a number of different sales channels to sell their work B2C or B2B. This overview addresses the artwork that is appropriate for each, an explanation of the business model, and how revenue is generated.

Online sales of art and handmade goods are growing every day. This presentation addresses the many options for selling work online, including third-party websites and your own artist website. It includes strategies on how to give the best presentation, maximize sales, and avoid the most common mistakes made in online selling.

Pricing formula breakdown; understanding markups; how to reduce expenses and increase prices; the “two halves” of a price and why it matters; pricing for fine artists including knowing where you fit in the art market, your baseline, and working with galleries.


ART-BUSINESS CONFERENCE™: Artists and The Economy


Every artist is a brand, and every brand wants a wider audience. What defines a brand is a compelling brand story; that's not the same as a better bio, portfolio, or resume. Every story uses a universal arc or format that anyone can learn. YOUR creative story is unique—get past the artist bio trap and nail your story.

Nailing your brand story is one thing, but telling it is another. You don't tell it once. You tell it continuously, in different venues and formats (social, email, press, blogs). Learn how to distill your overall narrative into bite-sized chunks that keep your audience engaged and in the loop.

See how other artists are killing it with their brand story. Nailing your brand story is one thing, but telling it is another. You don't tell it once. You tell it continuously, in different venues and formats (social, email, press, blogs). Learn how to distill your overall narrative into bite-sized chunks that keep your audience engaged and in the loop.

We'll look at the importance of a cohesive portfolio with a signature style and concept; presenting your portfolio professionally through the use of excellent visual and written materials; types of photos necessary and how they can be deployed.


Build your art business plan. Good intentions are like crying babies; they should be carried out immediately. Goals without execution are a dime a dozen. Goals that get acted upon are the result of continually taking the next right step. Those are the ones we tell our grandkids about. This workshop helps you break down a pivotal goal into an action plan, so you can be relentless about always taking the next right step.

Now that you've worked through your business objective and have the beginning of an action plan, in this interactive session we put it all together. Roll up your sleeves and get to work.

All the things that stop us from achieving our business objectives are not random–they are interrelated. Identify the culprit as an external force to be overcome, and achieve your dreams as an artist.

Artists can and are doing great things when they organize for mutual professional advancement. Doing so requires getting your professional network ready to form important alliances. Learn to scale your efforts to increase your reach, reputation, and relationships.

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