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ABOUT THE SHOW: The Thriving Artist TM podcast features insightful interviews with artists, collectors, gallerists, and other leading experts on visual art as a business and the business of visual artists with host Daniel DiGriz. The series employs a highly digestible podcast format to provide an informal business learning course built around each guest's knowledge and experiences. A production of The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists, the show is available here and on your favorite audio platforms:

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Economics of the Art Market – Neil Ramsay

“Business has a hard time understanding the arts, so… I’m advocating for the professionalizing, that within the organization, the artist is seen just as professional as the accountant, just as professional as the director and the other typical roles…”

Playing Your Art Forward – Sabin Howard

“It’s important that an artist be involved in showing their work and takes ownership of what he makes rather than have somebody else take over his business.”

The Long-Term Art Career – Ryan S. Brown

“As an artist, you’re a small business owner and you’re in charge, you’re the boss, and you have to manage that like any other small business would be managed. You have to keep your books organized, plan for big expenses, and plan for investing in those big projects.”

Create A Thriving Art Business – Alan Bamberger

“Artists have never had more opportunities to advocate on their own behalves, to get their work out there, to talk about what’s behind it, to talk about themselves as artists.”

Make Your Art Economically Viable – Elizabeth Corkery

The Business Accelerator Program allowed me to “discover how applicable a lot of those strategies would be for promoting my personal work as well.”

Project Management: An Impressionistic Art Form – Ghost of a Dream

“I think we make better art because we’re really truthful with each other, and we can tell each other exactly how we feel something is being read or how it gets taken.”

Anyone Can Be a Collector of Original Works – Shannon Robinson

“There’s no substitute for seeing it live, looking at the texture, looking at the brush strokes, being able to really examine the work.”

Make Your Art Career Sustainable – Carla Crawford

Mastering the business side of art is “a completely different scale from what you’re doing in the studio, but it’s essential.”

Never Settle in Your Art Career – Felicia van Bork

“Create what you love but balance that with what will also sell”

Professionalize Your Studio Practice with Business Training – Cristina DiChiera

An artist should think of it as a challenge to connect with people, tell their story, and get an audience excited about the project.

Taking the Plunge to Become a Working Artist – Leslie Hirst

Exhibition is about “Seeing the world through the physicality of language and bringing the presence of experience into play through language.”

Maintaining Momentum in an Evolving Art Career – Etsuko Ichikawa

Etsuko’s interview offers an insightful look into public art commissions, the importance of vetting galleries before you work with them, and how to tackle brand management even as your career evolves.

Preserve Your Artistic Legacy – Jennifer Cohen

“The creative legacy is not necessarily an issue of résumé, but about the creative spirit itself shown through your works.”

Collector: Steward of the Arts – Tim Newton

“Collectors have a vested interest in supporting the work of The Clark Hulings Fund because what goes around comes around in the collecting world.”

Creating and Teaching Hand in Hand – Carolyn (Charlie) Bogusz & LaVonne Ewing

Artists need a platform to market and brand their skills as potentially both experts and instructors.

Artist as CEO – Vanessa Diaz

Vanessa Diaz reimagines architectural pieces to distort conventional perceptions of how rooms and physical spaces should be used.

Planning for Residencies, Shows, and Travel – Lauren Frances Adams

“Those that produce the work are often the least in control of what happens to that work.”

Setting Up an Art Business for Scale – Molly Dilworth

Large-scale artist Molly Dilworth explains the challenges of both producing such works and operating the professional side of the business for scale.

Becoming a Five-Day-a-Week Artist – Robert C. Jackson

“Most artists never talk about business and, as a result, most artists never make a living from their art.”

The Catch-22: Mixing Media & Crossing Genre – Cheryl Gross

“Color within the lines and you get pigeonholed; cross media and genres, and they don’t know where to put you.”

Art and The Politics of Geography – Gonzalo Fuenmayor

Gonzalo’s comments on the role of the artist in an emigre environment (and in general) are fascinating.

No Separation Between Work and Life – Laura Petrovich-Cheney

“When people sheared sheep 100 years ago, it wasn’t just work, it was their life; work wasn’t a separate thing.” Art and business are like that.

Serious Business: Marketing Your Art in a Flat World – Bette Ridgeway & Sue Roderick

Being serious about your business as an artist is more than paperwork; it’s also mindset.

More Wall Space: The Collector’s Journey To Connoisseurship – Stephen Zimmerman

“Anyone with a genuine interest at any economic level can acquire a collection.”

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