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Your gift supports the legacy of Clark Hulings, and provides working artists with the tools to succeed as he did.

Journey through the brushstrokes and around the world in the short video Clark Hulings—Working Artist.

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Why Give to CHF?

The Challenge Facing Today's Visual Artists


Twice as likely to have graduated from college


Earn less than workers with similar education


More than 1/3 self employed vs 10% of general workforce


Less than 1/3 fully support themselves with their art

One of the most geographically and ethnically diverse workforces in North America, with more education than the total work population, has lower overall earnings and struggles to sustain enough annual business. Why?

What do other professionals have that artists don't?

Solid business knowledge and management tools. Most art schools provide very little in the way of entrepreneurial education. MBA programs don't cater to artists.

Direct and timely access to capital. The pressure of being self-employed leaves artists with little time for additional business development and few resources to pursue it.

The right connections—and fewer of the ineffective ones. Visual art is often solitary. Artists learn from each other but, to do that, they need an entrepreneurial community.

Confidence and the faith of others on their self-reliance and business acumen

Tax-Deductible Avenues of Giving

That Produce Economic Change and Social Return

Professional visual artists are the ultimate entrepreneurs. They aren’t looking for a handout---they just want to create great work that earns them a living. If you aspire to live in a world of great art, you want the same thing.

The Clark Hulings Fund is a nonprofit organization, but what we do is NOT CHARITY. Your tax-deductible donation propels working artists like Clark Hulings, fosters self-reliance, fortifies self-sustaining businesses, and builds a thriving artistic community for the benefit of all.

Create a Level Playing Field

It's About Business

Other organizations support artistic development. CHF focuses on business development—because technique alone won't yield career longevity.

Patronage, no Parentage

CHF empowers professional artists to stand on their own and compete independently in the open market.

Free Market Supply & Demand

By removing unnecessary barriers to trade, CHF frees artists to create what they must, and collectors to acquire what suits them.

CHF is the Linchpin

Artists, collectors, and industry professionals all have skin in this game. Each has different needs, but they overlap, and each group needs the others to succeed. Enter CHF.

Each groups needs the others to succeed.

CHF at Work

OUR MISSION: Equip professional visual artists to compete in an increasingly complex marketplace by delivering business education and entrepreneurial learning through a rigorous Art-Business Accelerator, our Digital Learning Portal, in-person educational events in local communities, and artist-led networks of opportunity.


Group Interviews
Virtual & In-Person Events
Social Learning & Collaboration


Business Accelerator Grants
No Fiscal Sponsorship Requirement
$10K Awarded Each Year

Make a strategic investment in the business of art.

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