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We're glad you're interested in joining the CHF Team! The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists equips professional and working artists with the entrepreneurial skills they need to run successful businesses and thrive in their careers. It's meaningful work with remote teams that are communicative, collaborative, and operate with a flattened hierarchy.


Please check back here for updates or email to let us know how you'd like to be involved!


The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists is a nonprofit organization based in the US that provides business and entrepreneurial education to artists.


Mentorship: Some internships consist of busy work and filing. At The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists, we know the main purpose of an internship is education, and we focus on putting interns with strong, experienced mentors who can instill pivotal insights they can carry into their professional lives forever.


Learning: CHF maintains a robust learning program available to ALL its constituents, so learning is the DNA of every internship. This often includes live, interactive tutorials that train interns on how to execute projects effectively in a professional context.


Real-World Professional Experience: CHF uniquely combines an atmosphere of business and nonprofit, as we both execute a social mission and collaborate with industry leaders and government sectors to deliver full-on enterprise projects. Access to this range of contexts is rare in internship programs, but part of everyday reality at CHF.


Real-World Team Experience: Interns are integrated into a team of existing professionals with an array of roles, skills, and resume backgrounds. It’s a collaborative environment with a relatively flat hierarchy, affording interns the opportunity to learn optimal collaboration processes for modern teams.


Mission: Business with a mission and the business OF mission is what an organization like CHF brings to creative entrepreneurs, local economies, municipalities, and partner organizations. We find interns deeply appreciate working for a cause that matters, so their work pays last dividends they can feel good about.


The Contemporary Economy: The future is distributed teams, working remotely, bringing together a wide body of talents, and concentrating efforts on business outcomes by excelling at integrating a diverse workforce. CHF is cutting edge in that, even before March 2020, it operated on a forward-looking remote basis. The further benefit for interns is no major disruption to their lives, and fewer logistics around travel, accommodations, etc.


Community Growth Internship

Virtual community organizer wanted. Grow a thriving community on Facebook and throughout the social and virtual world. We’re building interactions between creative professionals actively pursuing the goal of thriving as working artists.

* RECRUIT: We need YOU to recruit and encourage individual art professionals to plug-in, connect, and participate on the basis of their entrepreneurship and career objectives. As the community grows, you’ll reach out to arts organization leaders and others who bring value to these interactions.

* DISSEMINATE: You’ll shoot for expert familiarity with our learning resources and programs, field questions, post excerpts, foment discussion, and concierge questions you can’t answer to the broader community and to our faculty.

* DISCERN: You’ll sense when to stand back and let the community talk, and when to nudge—when to provide the answer, and when to ask a better version of the question—when to offer a solution and when to instead suggest a resource—when to take a constructive comment at face value and when someone’s putting out smoke and drama instead of looking for light.

* BROADEN: You’ll concentrate 80% of your effort on Facebook, growing a Facebook group, but that’s just the anchor. The community is actually a broad ecosystem of small groups, arts councils, community initiatives, corporate execs interested in social mission and the arts, and of course ambitious artists running their own businesses.

We want to foment constructive conversations among visual artists (first-as the center of their industry) and art-industry professionals (secondarily) around economic empowerment, shaping the industry as a whole, and acquiring essential business skills to build a robust creative economy. There’s enough blather about the beauty and ornament of art, and quite enough people mindlessly sharing their portfolios. The world doesn’t need more of that—it needs artists who have the commitment to what it takes to thrive, or at least want to understand what it takes, to obtain that vision.

YOU are key to helping CHF connect the 20% who will make a difference for themselves and all of us, and to ensure they are supported.

Development Internship

The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists (CHF) is seeking a development intern who is resourceful and has excellent research, writing, and editing skills to help grow our fundraising efforts and partnerships with institutional foundations.

The intern will report directly to CHF’s grant writer on the development team and will learn firsthand the skills and processes for securing funding in support of thriving artists and artist-centered ecosystems. The intern will also have the opportunity to participate in cutting edge art-business programming.

This is a remote position with occasional phone and video-conference meetings with CHF staff.


  • Research, identify, and vet potential institutional and corporate funders whose giving priorities align with our mission and vision.
  • Tracking of grant deadlines and opportunities through management of a calendar and spreadsheet.
  • Using Foundation Center’s (Candid) resources to find funding opportunities.
  • Growing LinkedIn networks that will connect us to sponsors, partners, donors, and funders and help build sustainable funding.
  • Drafting Letters of Inquiry/Introduction (LOIs) to submit to foundations and corporations and follow-up to confirm receipt and set-up informational calls.


  • Excellent research, writing, and editing skills.
  • Experience managing and growing LinkedIn networks.
  • Knowledge of development and fundraising resources (Philanthropy Digest, Candid, etc)
  • Extremely resourceful and organized with the ability to work effectively independently but with regular check-ins.
  • Can handle multiple priorities in a time-sensitive manner.
  • Creative, takes initiative, and possesses excellent interpersonal-communication skills.
  • A demonstrated interest in art and entrepreneurship
Writers' Room Internship
  • Project Description: Inspired by SNL and other comedy Writers’ Rooms, our writers work as a team to produce content, from website articles, blurbs, proposals, program descriptions, eblasts, internal name it.
  • How: Writers meet with a CHF staff member to get a writing theme, then meet as group to generate pitches. The strongest pitches turn into articles or other pieces of writing that you’ll edit for each other with feedback from Marketing & Communications Depts. Final proofreading goes through CHF Communications.
  • Qualification: You quickly absorb the premise, talking points, and ultimate mission behind them for any given writing context. You're good at churning out assignments, sticking to a topic, fact-checking with the right people, and writing in a lively, upbeat, fresh, and non-institutional style—that is nonetheless precise and accurately uses language, grammar, and syntax to convey exactly what is meant. You can produce articles, blurbs, and/or persuasive sales collateral, but at the same time write a report. GoogleDocs and WordPress are ideal.
  • Why This: This is an opportunity to get to know other writers, work collaboratively as a team, get your ideas heard, workshopped, refined, and shared. This collaborative resource keeps content lively and interesting, allowing writers to work independently with plenty of support.
Technology Microlearning Internship (Applied Technology)
  • Project Description: We want you to make technology accessible through 2-minute micro-learning videos that make technology accessible and practical. By the end of 2-minutes, the viewer ought to be able to DO something they couldn’t do 2 minutes ago.
  • How: You’ll storyboard and execute these videos with your voiceover to make people effective on a range of platforms that might be simple to you, but not as straightforward to others—from Slack, Trello, to Instagram. Sure, plenty of how-to tutorials already exist, but few of them are focused on the SPECIFIC application the user has in mind. We’ll supply that context; you provide the guidance.
  • Qualification: Be extremely clear-spoken and comfortable speaking quickly and cutting the dross from your explanations. Focus on the essential.
  • Why This: Technology is simultaneously the ubiquitous backdrop that hardly needs to be mentioned (no one ‘goes online’ anymore—we’re all already connected) and a repository of opportunity that, too often, is underutilized or not fully exploited—we were supposed to be riding in hovercars by now! By equipping more people with targeted applications of technology, you help raise general technical literacy and drive the advancement of technical demand. That, invariably, leads to better shared outcomes.
Business/Sales Internship

The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists seeks a Sales and Business Development Intern to assist in driving Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer sales for our nonprofit organization.
We deliver high-impact professional development training for artist entrepreneurs with the mission to help them transform their lives and build thriving small businesses.

This intern position involves both working with existing clients and prospects, and seeking new ones. We cultivate arts organizations and others who serve groups of artists, as well as seeking sponsorship and partnership with nonprofit and for-profit industry players. This is not high-pressure sales; it primarily involves spreading awareness, building relationships, and assisting artists and organizations who are eager to take advantage of our vast resources for art-business learning. Our artists and art organization partners are appreciative and engaged, and enjoy working with us as a respected provider of top-level training.

Tasks include:

  • Outreach, communication and follow up with new and existing prospects
  • Using LinkedIn to evaluate and connect with potential B2B partners and clients
  • Development and expansion of an affiliate system to drive digital campus membership
  • Assistance in building and updating a CRM database
  • Working in group strategy sessions to increase engagement, and drive repeat business
  • Occasional one-to-one communication and support for artists via email

An ideal candidate for this intern position would be:

  • Interested in the arts, entrepreneurship or small business development
  • Highly-organized and able to follow through with leads, conversations and projects
  • A quick study who can understand and work in systems and with online tools
  • Able to work as part of a team in developing strategies, setting and reaching goals, troubleshooting and implementing changes
  • Able to have conversations with decision makers and leaders in a mature, engaged fashion
  • An independent thinker who can add to the value of our sales team through gained insights
Visual Design Internship
  • Project Description: Visuals are a language as much as words are. Truth isn’t merely didactic content; it’s emotional. Collaborate with the Creative Director and/or Art Director to illustrate intangible concepts, symbolize concrete ideas, and thematically represent content around learning, aspiration, entrepreneurship, and personal growth.
  • How: You’ll join a virtual ‘designers room’ of peers who pitch ideas and solutions, using your imagination and creative intelligence to produce (and show) key pieces of CHF’s thought leadership, message, mission, and learning architecture.
  • Qualification: Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator, Google Slides. Final Cut Pro or other video or audio (ProTools) editing a plus. Visual Artists with illustration skills a plus.
  • Why This: All the theory and workshopped assignments in the world are no substitute for APPLIED creativity that is a response to challenges. Nor does beautiful work alone get you noticed in the way a virtual billboard, subway poster, game design, or app will. This is an opportunity to show, share, and showcase your work on a significant social enterprise with active projects you can add to your real-world work portfolio for the long-term.