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Jan 21st, 2pm EST.

ARTIST DOT COM (Your Domain Name Matters More Than You Think) with Ray King & Daniel DiGriz Feb 1st, 2pm EST 

Your gift supports the legacy of Clark Hulings, and provides working artists with the tools to succeed as he did.

Journey through the brushstrokes and around the world in the short video Clark Hulings—Working Artist.

Building Your Brand and Reputation

How does an artist build their reputation and brand? For H. David Wright, nearly a decade of creating private commissions led him to realize that no one within the art industry knew his name because he had been out of the art market for too long due, in part, to his success and popularity. This realization caused him to shift focus. He began showing his work strategically through multiple channels in order to get his name back into the art world and to continue to build his artistic career.

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Art Business Conference

This excerpt is from a larger art panel discussion called “Reaching Art Collectors: An Art Panel Discussion” presented by the Arts Council of Indianapolis and made available by the Clark Hulings Fund For Visual Artists.

Moderated by Shannon Linker, Vice President of the Arts Council of Indianapolis, we, alongside the Arts Council of Indianapolis, offer our gratitude and appreciation to our panelists: H.David Wright, Krystii Melaine,  P.A. Nisbet, and Constance Scopelitis.

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How to Sell More Art

Sell More Art

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Natalie Baumgartner
Natalie Baumgartner is the Educational Coordinator and Digital Reporter at the Clark Hulings Fund. She is committed to the mission of the Fund and hopes to see artists enrich their businesses through the tools and grants offered. Natalie recently graduated with her Masters of Science in International Development and has worked for several non-profits, focusing on issues revolving around human rights and gender equity.

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